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Transfer Lock is an all around balanced arena with multiple levels, an outer space area and availabily of the Imperialist, Shock Coil, Battlehammer, and the Volt Driver. The outer area is only available in Bounty, Capture and defender nodes. The outer area provides many great sniping spots, as an added bonus the low gravity making sniping even easier.

  • Map Size: Large
  • Condition: Available from the beginning
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Capture, Bounty, Defender, Nodes


Sniping Spots[edit]

  • Sniping spot one through three are in the outer area of the arena, only available in Bounty, Capture and Defender modes.
  1. In the low gravity part of the arena there are those weirdly shaped structures. These themselves serving as pretty good sniping spots, but the middle platform is the best spot. To get there, from either of the two platforms nearest the center platform jump onto the weird structure. From there, jump up and onto the weird structure of the center platform.
  2. In the low gravity area, from the outermost platforms, jump out towards the wall. You should land and float up a little. Once you have reached the invisible ceiling you can stop, the slanted roof provides a sufficient ledge.
  3. On top of the upper entrances to the low gravity area of the arena is a small sloped ledge. Jump onto the ledge of either the left or right doors, from here jump over and onto the ledge above the center door. From here you have a view and the outer space area, but have minimal visibiliy of the area below you.
  • Sniping spots one through three are in the inner area of the arena.
  1. This sniping spot is very similar to sniping spot three of the outer area, except its on the inside. You use the same method to get up to it. Once at the sniping spot, you will have an exceptional view of the extire arena.
  2. Sniping spot two is basically just camping yourself at the way of the pyramid, on the roof of the structure. This sniping spot is relatively easy to get to, but leaves the player completely vulnerable.