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Weavels affinity weapon is the Battlehammer and his alt-form is Halfturret. The Battlehammer's projectiles fly in an arc and create a wide blast radius, which is great for pushing enemies out of node rings and off ledges and deadly drop-offs. Halfturret is an effective alt-form. Weavel upper body separates from the lower body. The upper body’s arms provide locomotion and is capable of attacking enemies with a slashing blade. The lower body is a stationary turret that fires at any hunter that comes within range. When Weavel splits into alt-form his health is halved to provide health for both entities.


  • The main advantage of the halfturret is the fact that you can be in two places at once. With good positioning you can leave the turret to hammer away at enemies. Good positions could be behind cover, up on high platforms and ledges or in enclosed spaces. Putting it in a corner works well, too.
  • To use the Combat Hall as an example, (since so many players love it). It has at one end some great cover. Like part of a bunker. Positioning the turret behind here will allow it to fire away whilst behind cover which is always good. There is another one of these half bunkers at one end but this time on a high ledge. Giving you both the advantages of cover and height. Now, to one side is the corridor. A lot of players run down here for cover. Positioning the halfturret here will allow him to fire with not much chance of missing. Because it fires battlehammer shots which have a wide area then it will barely miss.
  • Of course the question is now, "What to do with the other half?" Now, this depends on you. If you can attack with some accuracy using it then by all means do. You can home round the back of the player and flank them. What most players tend to do, seeing as scoring a hit with the slice is very ineffective and hard to do, Is to look around for health drops. Making sure the turret is replenished, This allows you to deploy it for longer.
  • Weavel actually has the ability to jump higher than any other hunter in the whole game. At the expense of roughly 30-40 health. First, aim as low as possible. Then fire a Battle Hammer shot, and then after (not immediately) shoot another. Then jump at the peak of the blasts. Once you're at the peak of that go into alt form. This can be used to reach previously unreachable places, such as the bridge in Ice Hive
  • A technique which is rather effective is this: Once you see a sniper (not moving) place your turret at the nearest health spawn. And then sneak up behind him, and quickly get two slices in on him, dealing 72 damage. He will most likely run for the health spawn, where the turret is. And possibly get pounded by that a couple of times. He will probably panic, so now he'll run somewhere. From that point onward, do as you please, snipe him, pummel him with a Battle Hammer, or drop the turret from above to damage them.
  • If you like to snipe, here's a good tip: Since the Imperialist takes a long time between shots, during that time you can go into alt form, the turret attacking as you move to a better sniping spot. If you get a shot on a newly spawned character (not on the head, though) then got to alt, you can quickly kill them within seconds. Can be great to use on newbies on Alinos Perch, since the always spawn in the same general area.
  • Another good strategy is in an arena with high areas & preferably springs that bounce high, you can jump off a high area and drop the turret. If you do it right you may be able to land back on the high ledge you dropped the turret from (Jump up, just over the edge of the ledge, go into Alt and hold back). If done successfully, you can drop the turret right down into a battlefield, whilst the head/weaker half is high out of trouble. If enemies come for you, recall the turret and attack them, force them back down then repeat. An arena such as High Ground will be most effective using this technique. Also in Highground, where the Imp spawns there is a metal shaft behind it, you can drop the turret down there to catch unsuspecting foes off guard.

Half Turret[edit]

Half Turret.

Weavel's entire lower body is a mechanical construct, giving him the capability of detaching his upper body so it can serve as a automated turret while his upper body roams the battlefield. When Weavel splits into alt-form his health is halved to provide health for both entities. When the upper half of Weavel is damaged, only he is hurt, but when the lower half is hurt, both it and the upper half are damaged.


  • When Weavel swaps into the Halfturret, the upper half is sent up a bit. This additional jump can let you reach places faster (Especially useful in Ice Hive and Oubliette)