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From the Wi-Fi Menu, you can choose 2 kinds of Wi-Fi play, Random search, or Friends and Rivals. You can also open your Friends and Rivals list to add friends and check your friend code.


In Random search, you battle against up to 3 other hunters. You can choose your search preferences, like search in your region or worldwide, or battle a hunter with similar stats. Once you choose, you start a search, then are put in to a game lobby. You choose your hunter and vote for a map, the map is a vote, and if they get the same votes, it is picked randomly out of the maps. The mode is always battle, and the kill limit and time limit is always 7. At the end of a random game, there is a checkbox to add a player as your rival, if you both check this, they will be added to your rival list.

Friends and Rivals[edit]

In Friends and Rivals mode, you can create game lobbies for up to 3 other Friends or Rivals to join, depending on your join preferences. In these lobbies, the host can customize the match. The host can choose any of the 7 gameplay modes, can choose any map he has, and can change preference of the match (Like kill limit and time limit for example.). In these game lobbies, you can press and hold X to Voice Chat with your friends, or send text messages to your friends. If a rival is in your lobby, there is no way to communicate with him/her.

Edit Friends and Rivals[edit]

This is the place where you can change your name, add friends, delete friends and rivals, check your friend code, and make lock friends and rivals so you don't accidentally delete them.