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When in Morph Ball mode, you can set bombs that will detonate after a few seconds. With a carefully placed and timed bomb, you can propel yourself upward.

Power Beam[edit]

Samus' default weapon; the Power Beam fires ball-shaped bursts of energy. Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt uses an ammunition system, so when you run out of energy, you must find items to restore it.


Missiles are slightly slower than the Power Beam, but pack a punch. You can destroy a single target without any trouble, or damage multiple targets with a carefully targeted missile.

Electro Lob[edit]

The Electro Lob is only available in multiplayer mode, on the Assault Cradle and Trooper Module maps. This weapon creates a green ball that will damage enemies within it's area of effect. In addition, the Electro Lob will temporarily distort the screen of anyone (including yourself) caught within its area of effect.