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Mickey's Runaway Zoo
Developer(s)Walt Disney Computer Software
Publisher(s)Westwood Associates
Year released1991
System(s)Atari ST, Commodore 64/128, Commodore Amiga, DOS
SeriesMickey Mouse
ModesSingle player
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Mickey's Runaway Zoo, also known as, Lo Zoo Di Topolino In Liberta in Italian, and Micky und der verrūckte Zoo in German, is a Puzzle-Solving Game was released for MS-DOS in 1991 and Developed by Walt Disney Computer Software and Published by Westwood Associates in North America, and also was releases for Atari ST, Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga in european markets. It is the fifth Mickey Mouse game released for Commodore Amiga in Europe. The game starred by Mickey Mouse team up a Goofy was find a the animals in another numbers.


In Mickey’s Runaway Zoo, both Mickey and Goofy team up to return all of the animals back to the zoo. This is done by a series of screens for young children to start visually identifying numbers incorporated into vivid color landscapes.

When the child finds a number and presses the matching number on the keyboard, they are rewarded by a quick set of animations. Each animation shows that numeric amount of animals entering the wagon for return to the zoo.

Table of Contents


Mickey's Runaway Zoo/Table of Contents