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In order to achieve their goal, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse must traverse through five levels, each with their own scenario and boss. The must proceed from their start point to the location of the boss before moving on to the next level. Only in the first level must Mickey and Minnie return to their start location after beating the boss before moving on.

Hidden items[edit]

Throughout the game there are locations which contain invisible items. In order to reveal and collect these items, Micky (and Minnie) must fire at the exact location where these items are hidden. You will know if you have found such a location if your projectiles come to a stop in the middle of space where there is no other object in the foreground. After eight shots, the item will appear. When you leave and return to a room where you previously discovered a hidden item, there is always a random chance that a hidden item can be found in the same location, or a different location, or not at all. Whenever you enter a room, the hidden items are reset, so you can leave and return to a room to look for hidden items as often as you like. This allows for the strategy of hunting for an invincibility fairy before a boss fight.

The effect of certain items is immediate upon discovering them, such as the invincibility fairy or kidnapping Minnie. Other items must first be collected, like a health refill, or a bonus room key. Two items are discussed in further detail below.

Bonus rooms[edit]

Mickey Mousecapade Bonus Room.png

Whenever you reveal a bright red key from a hidden item location, and you run up to it and touch it, you will be transported to a bonus room. The bonus room contains four fairies. Only one of the fairies will trigger an item to appear in the center of the room. Your goal is to touch every fairy except this one fairy until the very end. If you touch the right fairy last, the item in the center will be a health refill or an 1-Up. If you touch the right fairy too soon, all that will appear is a modest health-up. Whenever you are ready to leave, simply have Mickey touch the exit doors in the upper right corner. Note that when you return, you will return in the lower left corner of the room you left from. This means that if left from the upper story, and there are no means to return to that story, you will have to retrace your steps to get back there.

Kidnapped Minnie[edit]

Mickey Mousecapade Minnie Rescue Room.png

If shooting a hidden item location reveals a bird that streaks towards Minnie, Minnie is about to be kidnapped. You see such a bird and react quickly enough, you can scroll to a different room before Minnie disappears. If you switch to another room fast enough, Minnie will reappear by your side. If you don't, you will have to find a red key and rescue Minnie. After Minnie is kidnapped, every hidden item location will reveal a red key, only this key won't take you to a bonus room. It will take you to the room where you can rescue Minnie. Of the four Minnie statues that you see, only one is really Minnie. You have one chance to touch any one of the four statues in hopes of picking the right one. If you do, Minnie will return to you. If not, you must leave the room and find another red key to try again. The correct statue does not remain the same from room to room, so just because you try one statues does not mean it may not be that same statue the next time you come. You will always have a one in four chance of picking the right statue.