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There are seven distinct enemies in the pyramid of Mighty Bomb Jack. Six of the enemies spawn from one original enemy, the mummy. The mummy will walk back and forth, falling off ledges to the floor below, where it will continue for a short while before transforming into one of the other six enemies. The higher the stage the shorter the time before it transforms. Which monster it transforms to is determined by the number of times Jack has pressed the A button. The game keeps a running count, and divides the number by 6. The remainder determines the monster that appears.

Enemy A press remainder Description
MBJ Mummy.gif n/a Mummy: Mummies spawn in the middle of the pyramid chambers whenever there are less than four enemies present on the screen. Any time a monster is scrolled off the screen, a mummy will appear on the ledge closest to Jack in order to replace it. After a mummy falls to the floor below, or has been walking around for a period of time, it will transform into one of the six monsters below.
MBJ Hanezo.gif 0 Hanezo: These monsters have little regard for Jack's position. They moves in one particular diagonal direction, and bounce off the walls at a 90° angle, continuing on until they bounce off the screen, or happen to run into Jack accidentally.
MBJ Geji Shogun.gif 1 Geji Shogun: These overgrown insects will slowly track down Jack's position. Jack can easily outrun them, but he must be careful if he ever doubles back in the same direction that he just came from, as this monster will surely be right there on his trail.
MBJ Gameido.gif 2 Gameido: This strange turtle like enemy uses Jack's position and distance to determine its own direction and speed. When Gameido hits a wall, Gameido checks to see where Jack is, and how far away. Gameido begins to travel in Jacks direction, slowly if Jack was very close, and surprisingly fast if Jack was far away. Jack can't stay in one place for too long if these things are on the screen.
MBJ Dokuron.gif 3 Dokuron: These laughing skulls will bounce around the room until they manage to arrive above or beneath Jack. Then they will stop moving along their current path, and begin to home in on you. If you move away, they will resume bouncing around until they lock on to you again.
MBJ Desufa.gif 4 Desufa: Desufas are large fireballs that bounce up and down until they line up with Jack horizontally. They stop bouncing and begin to travel in a straight line to stay in Jack's row, but they don't turn around to catch Jack until they bounce off of a wall.
MBJ Horus.gif 5 Horus: These birds are the only enemy that actively track you down in both a vertical and horizontal direction. However, they are incapable of flying in a diagonal direction, so they are kind of slow when it comes to reaching you. They are easy to outrun, but watch out if you find yourself in a confined space.