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Single stage warping[edit]

If you manage to collect every lit bomb in the final bomb room of each stage, you will be treated to a bonus. However, you can warp immediately to the next bomb room with this alternate approach. After you collect the first bomb, save the next lit bomb for the very last bomb you collect. If you do, you will begin the next stage in the final bomb room right away. To end the warp, simply pick up the first lit bomb before it is the last bomb. There is a catch, of course. If you die, you will return to the last section of the previous stage you actually completed. So if you begin warping from Stage 2, and make it all the way to, say, the fifth stage bomb room and die, you will be returned to Stage 2. This can be an immense time saver that allows you to skip stages that aren't necessary to complete.


The ending you receive is based on your performance throughout the pyramid. The following chart shows which ending you will see when you beat the game.

Ending Description
Worst Collect no crystal balls.
Good Collect one crystal ball.
Great Collect two crystal balls.
Best Collect two crystal balls and no less than five secret coins.