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Whether you came here the long way via Stage 9, or if you picked up the first crystal ball in Stage 7, you will end up here. After everything you've been through so far, Stage 10 is a considerably short stage. This will be a nice change of pace. However, the space is very tight in this Stage, so it's rather easy to get squeezed in by several enemies at once. Don't get too distracted in here, there isn't a lot to concern yourself with or risk your life over. Just reach the end safely.

MBJ map Stage10.png
Point A Point B
MBJ map10 pointA.png
Buried in this small enclosed structure, along with the treasure chest, is a hidden chest inside the floor. Jump to reveal it and open it, and you'll find a Mighty Coin inside. In the Japanese version, you must jump on the block in the enclosure six times to open it.
MBJ map10 pointB.png
To the right of the tallest totem pole inside this stage is another hidden chest. If you reveal it and open it, you will find a Mighty Drink to extend your time.
Point C Point D
MBJ map10 pointC.png
On the left edge of the right platform floating over the bed of fire, you can find another Mighty Drink hidden in a treasure chest. Be prepared to float to safety after you pick it up.
MBJ map10 pointD.png
You'll have to jump on top of the hidden entrance to this structure a number of times to gain access to the treasures it contains. If you're low on Mighty Coins, it's worth the trip.

There's a sphinx hidden under the chest between the last two totem poles. This opens a door to a treasure room containing two Mighty Coins, a bomb, and some point bags.