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Section 1[edit]

MBJ map Stage11-1.png

As soon as you start this level, you may be tempted to explore what's on the other side of the door that opens up in the floor. Don't do it. It's a one-way ticket back to Stage 6. The only reason you might possibly want to do this is if you missed the first crystal ball in Stage 7.

Point A Point B
MBJ map11 pointA.png
Right at the start, you can find a hidden treasure chest beneath the first treasure chest. Open it up and you'll find a Mighty Coin.
MBJ map11 pointB.png
There's a hidden Mighty Drink buried inside the single block mid-way through the level.
Point C Point D
MBJ map11 pointC.png
If you're playing the Japanese version, then you'll be lucky to find an Extra Coin hidden in the very last block of the stage. It's a tad difficult to get to, but it's worth the effort. In the American version, you'll have to settle for a Mighty Coin.
MBJ map11 pointD.png
There's only one orange treasure chest in the whole section, and it contains the Sphinx that serves as the key to opening the door in the middle of the section. Collect it, and head back to the left to enter a mysterious treasure dungeon. In the far right chest, you will find a precious Secret Coin. Remember to be at green level power in order to collect it.

Section 2[edit]

MBJ map Stage11-2.png
MBJ map11 Secret.png

There is a secret slavery room in this section that can be quite difficult to access, but it's worth it for the extra life, especially if you're playing the American version, or you're playing the Japanese version but you didn't collect the extra coin at the end of the first section. In order to open the door to the room, you have to collect the bombs in the proper order (indicated on the map) so that you end up collecting the 10,000 point bomb collection bonus. Unlike many of the difficult secret entrances that were made easier to find in the American version, this one wasn't, so it's the same for both. Once you're in, you must generally attack the blocks on the right side of the structure to get low enough to rescue one of your brothers and earn an extra life. There's a hidden Mighty Drink under the right-most block near bomb location 5.

Section 3[edit]

MBJ map Stage11-3.png
Point E
MBJ map11 pointE.png
Last, but certainly not least, you can find another Secret Coin in this section, making it the second one available in Stage 11. If you haven't collected five Secret Coins by now, make sure you pick this one up. It won't be your last opportunity, but this one is fairly easy to find.