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MBJ map Stage15.png

With just three stages to go, Stage 15 is a small stage with just one section.

Point A Point B
MBJ map15 pointA.png
There's a 2000 point slave hidden in the staircase. Try to nab it before the screen becomes too congested with enemies.
MBJ map15 pointB.png
If it's safe to do so, you can locate this hidden treasure chest on the left side of the top of the pillar. Inside is a 1000 point treasure bag.
Point C Treasure Room
MBJ map15 pointC.png
Nestled beneath the left wing of this totem pole is another slave. Collecting it without getting trapped in the small space will be tricky.
To access the treasure room in the Japanese version, you must be standing on the door when the Timer reads 60. Collect the Mighty Drinks nearby if you need to boost your time above 60. In the American version, there is a Sphinx hidden directly to the right of the first block near the ceiling when you enter the stage. Jump and reveal it to gain access to the treasure room below.