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You've made it to the top of the pyramid, but that's not all that matters. How much you'll see and what ending you get will depend on your performance through the entire trip. You start off in the bottom section. There are two secrets here, one of which is vital to your success.

MBJ map Stage17.png

Section 1[edit]

Point A Point B
MBJ map17 pointA.png
You must uncover and collect this Sphinx in order to open the door to the treasure room. You need to do this because the treasure room contains another Sphinx that opens the door to the upper chambers beyond.
MBJ map17 pointB.png
In case you still need a Secret Coin, there's a relatively easy one to collect just below the upper exit. But it is important to have a good supply of Mighty Coins for the next few rooms, so don't waste three just to collect this coin if you already have five.

Final Chambers[edit]

MBJ map17 King.png

Whether you've collected two crystal balls, only one, or none, you will gain access to this room regardless. Carefully remove the block above and to the right of the King, then jump in to rescue him. Remember to time your escape well so that you don't get clobbered by enemies. Whether you get to advance or not depends on whether you've found at least one crystal ball. If you have not, the game ends here.

One Crystal Ball[edit]

MBJ map17 Queen.png

If you've obtained at least one crystal ball, you will gain access to the chamber where the Queen is being held. This time, you must chip away at the blocks to the left side of her cell. Carefully remove them and slip inside to rescue the Queen. You will be permitted to continue if you have collected both crystal balls. Otherwise, the game ends here.

Both Crystal Balls[edit]

MBJ map17 Princess.png

Congratulations, you've managed to achieve one of the more difficult feats in the game, gathering both crystal balls. For that, you will be rewarded by earning the chance to rescue the Princess. Her cell can be opened from the opposite side of the Queen's cell. Now, if you were smart enough to find both crystal balls, then surely you managed to find at least five of the Secret Coins. If not, your game ends here.

Five Secret Coins[edit]

MBJ map17 Final.png

After rescuing the Princess, you will be admitted into this final room only if you managed to collect at least five Secret Coins throughout your journey. If you have, you will enter the very last chamber of the pyramid, where the great family treasure is stored. The item has been covered so that you can see it for yourself when you get there. All you have to do is gather it and flee the room. That's right, there is no ultimate encounter with Belzebul. If you pick up this item and make it out alive, you will be treated to the best ending of the game. Congratulations.