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Section 1[edit]

MBJ map stage6-1.png

Because of the rate of enemy appearance in this stage, you may need to scroll the screen up and down several times to clear them away just so you can uncover hidden treasure chests.

Point D
MBJ map6 pointD.png
Look for this hidden 1000 point treasure bag at the far corner of this ledge. Watch out for enemies hovering nearby. You can scroll the screen away and come back, and the bag will still be waiting for you.
Point C
MBJ map6 pointC.png
You can find this hidden slave inside the rock outcropping on the right side of this section. Collect it for an easy 2000 points, but look out for any enemies.
Point B
MBJ map6 pointB.png
You may see this door, and think a Sphinx is nearby, but in fact there is none. The only way you can get inside the treasure room on the other side, is to power up to level three (green) and bust your way in. Getting in is the easy part though...
MBJ map6 Secret.png

In this treasure room, you will find seven treasure chests. You should still be powered up enough to crash through the treasure chest and open them all up quickly. However, be prepared to catch the contents: all balloons. If you collect every one, you will earn a very fast 70,000 points.

MBJ map6 pointB2.png

When you're ready to head out, you'll have to think fast. Below you is a bed of fire, and the only safety is a few blocks away. You'll have to pound on the A button to make Jack float safely over the flame and on to the ledge beyond.

Point A
MBJ map6 pointA.png
Right when you enter this section, you can find an extra hidden coin buried in the small rock platform floating over the fire.

There are a Mighty Drink hidden at the end door from this section on american version.

Section 2[edit]

MBJ map stage6-2.png

There are no secrets to be found in this section. You'll have an easy time earning the 10,000 point bonus if you collect every bomb in this stage from right to left.