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Stage 7 is an important stage. It is in this stage that you will find the first crystal ball. Getting it will not be easy, but if you do, you can also pick up a couple of Secret Coins along the way, and you will bypass Stage 8 and 9 in the process. The trouble is worth the effort, as you cannot receive the best ending without both crystal balls. If you warped here from Stage 4, you will start out in Section 3, right before the stage exit, and you will be unable to collect the crystal ball.

Section 1[edit]

MBJ map stage7-1.png
Point A
MBJ map7 pointA.png
A nice stash of treasure rests under this structure right at the start of the stage. You need to jump off the block above the right treasure chest to access the inside, but you'll need to reach the second level of power to crash through the left treasure chest blocking the way to the others. In the Japanese version, you'll find another Mighty Coin for your trouble. But in the American version, all four of the bottom chests contain Mighty Coins!

Section 2[edit]

There are four valuable secrets stored up in this section, but even more important is the secret that allows you to access the first Crystal Ball chamber in the pyramid. Follow the steps below to learn how to access it.

MBJ map stage7-2.png
Point B
MBJ map7 pointB.png
After the flames at the top of this section, you can find not one, but two secrets in the first right hand ledge. You can find a 2000 point slave, and a time increasing Mighty Drink.
Point C
MBJ map7 pointC.png
You can find a second hidden Mighty Drink at the edge of this platform. You may not be at risk for this yet, but remember not to be too greedy and allow your timer to rise above 99.
Point D
MBJ map7 pointD.png
There's one more secret to be found just before you exit the section. There a slave hidden inside a block in the floor.

Obtaining the first crystal[edit]

MBJ map7 Secret1.png
MBJ map7 Secret2.png

The top of this section may look like a blazing wall of fire, but the flame on the far right side of the wall is actually an illusion. It's safe to land on it! And when you do, you can jump off of it a number of times until it disappears. Note: The screenshot displayed is the Japanese version. The American version gives a slight hint by having the bomb collection path angled downwards with the last bomb resting on the false flame block. The block below is also an illusion and contains a hidden treasure chest with a Sphinx in it. Collect the Sphinx, and you will open an invisible door on the left side, across from Point C, that grants you access to hidden Section 4, and will start you on your way to the first crystal ball.

Section 3[edit]

MBJ map stage7-3.png
Point E
MBJ map7 pointE.png
Only one secret awaits you in this section, at the top of the tall pillar before the last tree. After that, it's on to the bomb room at the end of the stage, and then on to stage 8. The remaining sections below are only accessible through Section 2.

At the end of this section lie four treasure chests under the tree. In the American version, they are four Mighty Drinks, not what you really need at the end of a stage. In the Japanese version, they are four Mighty Coins, a bit more useful. Either way, you have to be very careful and watch out for being too greedy and being sent to the torture room.

Section 4[edit]

MBJ map stage7-4.png

You've chosen to collect the first crystal ball, but they're not going to make it easy for you. You'll have to make it across a lake of fire. You may be tempted to get quite close to it due to the Secret Coin hidden in the section. If you're playing the Japanese version, you can also find a second coin at the end of the section! But you'll need to be at power level three both times to collect them.

Point F
MBJ map7 pointF.png
MBJ map7 pointF2.png
The first large platform that lies over the fire holds not one, but two secrets, and the second one is extremely valuable. First you will reveal a 1000 point treasure bag, which is always nice. But immediately below that lies the true treasure, a Secret Coin. Remember to make sure that you are at the third level of power (green) before you attempt to collect it. Once you do, you'll be free floating over fire. It is far safer to return to the right then it is to attempt a landing to the left, but it is possible to reach the small block to the left in time.
Point G Point H
MBJ map7 pointG.png
Another secret is hidden in this last platform, but it's hidden beneath an orange treasure chest. You'll have to open the chest to be able to access the secret, which happens to be a Mighty Drink. Make sure you're ready to find a safe place to land after you pick it up.
MBJ map7 pointH.png
If you're playing the Japanese version, you'll find a second secret coin right here. And it's much easier to collect than the first one. In fact, if you choose, you may kill yourself and start the section over, and collect both secret coins over again, for a total of four coins! That means you'll only need to collect one more coin to enable the best ending. It won't be easy, however, as you'll still need to be at power level three to pick up all of them.

IMPORTANT! If you are playing the Japanese version, read the following before proceeding to the next section:If you want to access the Crystal Ball room beyond Section 5, you must leave Section 4 and enter Section 5 while the tens digit of your score is 7! That means if you don't have a 70 at the end of your score, keep jumping off the ground until you do. Then simply walk into the next room. If you don't do this, the door to the crystal ball room will not appear. If you walk in, and that is the case, the only other way to make the door appear, is to kill yourself when you get a 7 in the tens digit of your score. When you begin your next life, the door should open. Players of the American version need not worry about this, as the mechanism to open the door is easier.

Section 5[edit]

MBJ map stage7-5.png

As mentioned above, if you plan to access the crystal ball room at the top of the room, you must meet the correct conditions. The Japanese version is a little complicated, but the American version is much easier. Just below where the door is supposed to appear is an invisible treasure chest which contains a Sphinx which, naturally, opens the door for you. Just jump into the upper right corner, and you'll land on the invisible chest.

Point J
MBJ map7 pointJ.png
There is a Mighty Drink hidden inside this large outcropping on the right.
Point I
MBJ map7 pointI.png
There is a 1000 point treasure bag hidden inside this ledge on the left.

The Crystal Ball Room[edit]

MBJ map7 crystal1.png
MBJ map7 pointX.png

Welcome to the very first crystal ball room. You've worked very hard to get here and now it's time to reap the reward and collect the ball. Of course, you'll have to get through those rows of treasure chests first, and then jump off the block to the left of the one above the crystal ball. After you collect it, you still need to get out safely. If the way is open, jump out immediately and head for the door in the lower right corner. If not, you can attempt to turn your enemies into coins by activating power level three (green). Otherwise, you'll have to take your chances.

Section 6[edit]

MBJ map stage7-6.png

After all the recent activity, you may be relieved to hear that there are no secrets to discover in this sections.

Section 7[edit]

MBJ map stage7-7.png

In this last leg of Stage 7, you are on your way to the final section of Stage 10. Along the way, however, is an important Treasure Room that you won't want to miss out on.

Point K
MBJ map7 pointK.png
MBJ map7 pointK2.png

During your climb up this section, you will encounter a wall to the left of some flames. The top bricks of this wall can be removed by enough jumps (more in the Japanese version than the American version), until they ultimately reveal two treasures hidden beneath, a Mighty Drink and a 2000 point slave.

Point L Point M
MBJ map7 pointL.png
In the middle of this high ledge, one brick contains a hidden treasure chest. Reveal it and open it to collect another Mighty Drink.
MBJ map7 pointM.png
There is no Sphinx that will open the door to the treasure room on the left side of the middle of this section. Instead, you must activate the third level of power (green) and crash through the door. That's fine, however, since you'll need that power once you're inside. Run all the way to the left, and jump straight up through the chests, and you will collect an ever valuable secret coin.
MBJ map7 Secret3.png

In addition to the secret coin hidden in the treasure room, there are four other treasure chests hidden in the right side of the room. Their locations and contents are revealed in the picture to the right.