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Section 1[edit]

MBJ map stage8-1.png
Point A Point B
MBJ map8 pointA.png
Right away, when you enter the stage, there is a hidden treasure chest on the left side of the top of the pillar that you come to. Jump on the left block to reveal the chest, and collect the 2000 point slave inside.
MBJ map8 pointB.png
There is a precious secret coin hidden in this stage, and it's actually quite easy to get to. Just remember that you need to activate the third level of power (green) in order to collect it.
Point C Point D
MBJ map8 pointC.png
Be aware that all of the treasure chests along this stretch contain Mighty Coins. While it's nice to bring your supply up to 9, make sure you don't over do it and get accused of being greedy. If the trip to the torture room isn't bad enough, losing all of your Mighty Coins is.
MBJ map8 pointD.png
Even the single solid block near the end of this stage contains a secret. Jump on it to reveal the chest inside, and open the chest to find a Mighty Drink. Just be careful as you land.
Point E
MBJ map8 Secret.png
MBJ map8 pointE.png

If you're playing the Japanese version of the game, and you want in to that slavery room to the left, you'll have to patiently wait out the clock on the left side of this section until the timer reaches 30. If you're playing the American version, then it's slightly easier. There's a Sphinx inside one of the enclosed treasure chests shortly before you reach that entrance. Once inside, jump on the blocks enough times to create the openings that you see pictured on the right.

Section 2[edit]

MBJ map stage8-2.png
Point F
MBJ map8 pointF.png
Not that you should have an urgent need for Mighty Coins at this point after the haul that was found in the last section, but should you want one more, there's one hiding right when you enter the section.