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As you start this stage, you will find yourself in an unfamiliar setting: outside. Through this stage, you will embark on a cloud hopping journey to an entrance back into the pyramid at a much higher altitude. Don't worry about falling: it's not an option. The blocks of flame will see to it that you are prevented from ever going lower. Naturally, the bricks of the pyramid hold a few secrets of their own.

Section 1[edit]

MBJ map stage9-1.png
MBJ map9 pointA.png

Don't forget to check out some of the bricks in the pyramid before you start cloud hopping. There are no less than 3 Mighty Drinks waiting to be picked up before you embark.

Section 2[edit]

MBJ map stage9-2.png

There's very little to this stage other than jumping, collecting bombs, and avoiding enemies. You start at the bottom and have to work your way to the top. If you scroll enemies off the screen frequently, you should have too hard of a time getting the 10,000 point bomb collection bonus, as there's little else to worry about.

Section 3[edit]

MBJ map stage9-3.png
MBJ map9 pointB.png

Collecting all of the bombs on this stage could be a risky proposition unless your floating skills are very good. It's almost more trouble than it's worth. You have a lot farther to go in order to get back into the pyramid, but when you finally reach it, you can find two more Mighty Drinks hidden inside the pyramid blocks. Keep an eye on the enemies and don't put yourself at risk just to collect the Drinks since you've come so close to finishing the stage.