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Infantry units are the only ones capable of capturing a Factory or a Prison Camp. For this reason, they are crucial. Infantry units can be loaded into transport vehicles like the NC-1 MULE or C-61 PELICAN in order to quickly relocate them to strategic destinations.

Charlie units are not particularly strong, and should not be relied upon in battles against other units. In contrast, Kilroy units are more capable of taking out more defensive units if the numbers are on their side. Since neither unit has particularly good armor, try to make use of terrain to improve their defense. This can also be accomplished through support from neighboring units.

Both type are the only ground units which can travel across valleys and mountains. However, in a single turn, they are only permitted to travel up to the edge of a valley before they can proceed on the next turn. The CBX-1 Panther motorcycle infantry cannot traverse mountains.

GX-77 Charlie[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
3 1 1
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
20 100 10
Military Madness unit Charlie.png

Charlie can capture and occupy factories and prisons but has minimal attack and defense power. Movement is slow so it is best to use transporters to get close.

The GX-77 is the most common infantry unit in the game, and they are easy to underestimate. Move Charlie units away from roads and level terrain, and into areas that are hard for vehicles to reach, in order to protect them. If they are not needed for the purpose of capturing a building, use them to support other troops to boost their defense, or use them as shields to protect a more offensive unit.

GX-87 Kilroy[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
2 1 1
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
10 40 10
Military Madness unit Kilroy.png

The heavy infantry has some surface attack and a small air attack. They can capture and occupy factories and camps but movement is slow and defense is low.

Kilroy units may be the slowest in the game, but they have a fairly impressive Land Attack ability. What they lack in defense, they make up for in destructive power. Leave opening attacks to stronger units, but Kilroy's make good options when you are attempting to destroy a weakened faction.

CBX-1 Panther[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
9 1 1
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
8 10 10
Military Madness unit Panther.png

These motorcycle troops can capture and occupy factories and camps but have only a machine gun for attack and defense is minimal. Speed and mobility are very good.

Panther units are very fast, particularly on roads, so they are very useful for capturing factories or prison camps. Their limitation is that cannot traverse any terrain which is rated higher than 20%. If they can serve no other purpose, Panthers are good fodder for enemy attacks. While they don't possess a lot of offensive power, sacrificing them to support another unit may keep a more powerful unit in play for longer.

Long-Range Artillery[edit]

Artillery units can bomb an enemy unit from a safe distance. Striking an opponent indirectly is a very valuable ability thanks to the fact that the defenders can't counter attack. However, they similarly cannot defend themselves from a direct attack. Additionally, they can't both move and attack in the same turn, you can only do one or the other. Sometimes you must choose between attacking and leaving artillery vulnerable to attack afterward, or moving them to a safe location but forfeiting your attack.

The Hadrian and Octopus units are mobile, and can therefore advance along with your front line. (The Atlus, by comparison, is stationary). Make sure you use other units to defend them. Use terrain to help increase their defense level, and don't leave them exposed to attack on the front line. To compensate for being immobile, the Atlas possesses far greater offensive power. To set them up, they must be transferred from a factory to a Mule or Pelican. Once you deploy them, they can never move again, so you must choose their destination wisely.

SG-4 Hadrian[edit]

Military Madness unit Hadrian.png
Movement Land Range Air Range
4 5 N/A
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
30 45 N/A

This self-propelled gun has a precise 155mm indirect attack cannon. Because of no direct attack ability, it must have additional support from other units to survive.

Remember that you must choose to attack or move each turn, as doing both is not allowed. Hadrians cannot attack enemies that are close to it, but they can fire on Octopus units from just outside ofan Octopus' range.

MR-22 Octopus[edit]

Military Madness unit Octopus.png
Movement Land Range Air Range
4 4 N/A
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
30 60 N/A

This self-propelled gun has 24 connected 6mm rockets for indirect attacks. It has good firepower but lacks precision. Support is needed because of its light armor.

Just like Hadrians, Octopus units can only attack or move in a single turn, not both. And also just like Hadrians, Octopus units can't attack enemy units that are right next to them. Make sure they are stationed too close to Atluses or Hadrians, which have a wider attack range than an Octopus.

SS-80 Atlas[edit]

Military Madness unit Atlas.png
Movement Land Range Air Range
N/A 6 N/A
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
20 90 N/A

The ultimate battle gun with long range and awesome power--a great performer. Needs transport for mobility and can only move once. No anti-air ability.

The SS-80 Atlas can only be placed on roadsor flat ground. It may not be moved once it's placed, and therefore cannot be transported back to a factory for repairs. It also can't attack enemies right next to it, so it's important that you use other units to defend it and shield it from direct attacks. Atlases are ineffective against AX-87 Eagle and EF-88 Hunter units.

Once an Atlas reaches full star experience, it will possess enough power to destroy entire units in one turn, making it quite deadly to ground troops. You should do everything you can to prevent your opponent from using and leveling up their Atlas by keeping your units far enough away (7 hex grids or more) until you can take it out.

While it's advisable that your transport Atluses to their destination with a Mule or Pelican, sometimes that may not be an option. You can deploy Atluses right next to a factory, but be aware that doing so will plug up one of your factory's ports, reducing access to and from the factory itself. Additionally, if you are having trouble capturing a factory, you may wish to use an Atlus to prevent your opponent from being able to do so.


Mines are very useful tools for slowing down your opponent's units. You can use them to block access through a narrow passage, or as a decoy. The computer controlled opponent will prioritize their destruction, shifting an attack away from some of your more useful units. Triggers also have a rather high defensive level, and neighboring units can leverage this defense for their own advantage.

M-77 Trigger[edit]

Military Madness unit Trigger.png
Movement Land Range Air Range
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
80 N/A N/A

The land mines are used to interrupt enemy advancement. Movement is only possible by truck or air transporter and can only be moved once. High defense capacity. No attack.

To position an M-77 Trigger, transport it from the factory using a Mule or a Pelican. Triggers are stationary once they are placed, so make sure you choose their destination well. Use them to slow down enemy progression through a likely passage, or to bolster your own units' defenses. Remember that if you don't transport a mine, you can set one up right next to the factory, but this will block one of the available pathways to and from the factory.

Transport Vehicles[edit]

Transport vehicles are used to transfer units across a map much farther and faster than they would be capable of on their own. Naturally, they are indispensable for moving Atluses and Triggers, but they also help with rather slow units like Kilroys and Giants. While they have great speed, they have terrible defense, and should avoid battles at all costs, especially when transporting your units. Fortunately, the number of units you are transporting does not reduce unless the entire transport unit gets wiped out.

NC-1 Mule[edit]

Military Madness unit Mule.png
Movement Land Range Air Range
6 1 1
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
10 10 10

The Mule transports mines, infantry, motorcycles and field guns. Vulnerable to attack during transportation so support is needed. Fair mobility and limited attack.

Mules have next to no offensive or defensive power. They move most quickly on paved roads, but roads leave Mules with no defensive advantage.

C-61 Pelican[edit]

Military Madness unit Pelican.png
Movement Land Range Air Range
9 N/A N/A
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
10 N/A N/A

This transport plane can air lift all units except other aircraft. There is no attack ability and defense is small but mobility is great. Watch for other attack aircraft.

While Pelicans are extremely useful for transporting units without the concern of terrain barriers, there are several enemy units which can wipe out Pelicans, such a Hawkeye and Seeker anti-aircraft units, as well as Falcon and Hunter aircraft units.


Tanks will take most of thedamage dished out on the front line. They are also highly useful as infantry support, assuming you're not using any air units for the purpose. Most of your force will contain the S-61 Bison tanks, but the enemy typically has a variety of more powerful tanks at their disposal. If you have such a tank in your arsenal, have them lead the charge, and direct the weaker tanks to follow along behind them. Note that only the HMB-4 Giant is the only tank capable of attacking aircraft; all other tanks are vulnerable to attacks from EF-88 Hunters and AX-87 Eagles. Don't forget that you can use the C-61 Pelican to transport slower moving tanks, like the Grizzly, Polar, and Giant, across the map.

TT-1 Lenet[edit]

Military Madness unit Lenet.png
Movement Land Range Air Range
5 1 N/A
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
30 45 N/A

This twin turret tank has two guns of 95mm and 75mm. Only a small number of these tanks were made for trial purposes so its performance has been below satisfactory.

The Lenet is the weakest tank available, and you aren't given access to too many of them. Making good use of them certainly provides a challenge.

S-61 Bison[edit]

Military Madness unit Bison.png
Movement Land Range Air Range
6 1 N/A
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
40 50 N/A

The bison is a main battle tank with a 105mm turret gun and a durable armor plating. This mass production tank is the primary force of front line battles. Good mobility.

You will command more Bison's than any other tank in the game, so it's easy to get accustomed to them and the best ways to employ them. Team them up with other units to bolster their otherwise weak armor, and attack from rougher terrain to boost their defense even further.

GS-81 Slagger[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
7 1 N/A
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
50 50 N/A
Military Madness unit Slagger.png

The Slagger is a main battle tank with good mobility. It can quickly enter a front line battle and has a good defense capacity. Equipped with a 105mm class gun.

This tank boasts the greatest movement speed, making it quite fast. It can zip ahead of your army to occupy an area before the enemy gets a chance to take control. Sending them out alone can put them in danger, but the greater reward for control over an area may be worth the sacrifice.

GT-86 Titan[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
5 1 N/A
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
50 60 N/A
Military Madness unit Titan.png

This heavy tank is equipped with a 120mm heavy cannon. It has fair mobility and its heavy armor is good defense. Use to support the Slagger and other front line units.

In addition to the power that Titan's can bring to a fight, they are also quite useful for boosting weaker units around them through support effects.

T-79 Grizzly[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
4 1 N/A
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
50 70 N/A
Military Madness unit Grizzly.png

This heavy batttle tank is armed with a 120mm recoiless cannon. Its heavy defense armor makes it durable but slow. Best used as support for front line battles.

A Grizzly is another powerful unit, but it's low movement stat also makes it quite slow. To give it more of an impact, consider transporting them with a C-61 Pelican to get them into strategic positions faster.

PT-6 Polar[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
4 1 N/A
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
60 60 N/A
Military Madness unit Polar.png

This medium-sized heavy tank is equipped with a 105mm turret gun. Its limited mobility is compensated by its high armor plating and defense capacity.

The PT-6 Polar's armor is considerably high. Like the Titan, Polar's are good for providing support to weaker units. But like the Grizzly, it's quite slow, and can benefit from being transported into battle.

HMB-2 Giant[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
2 1 1
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
80 90 40
Military Madness unit Giant.png

The Giant fortress tank has supreme firepower with a 180mm surface gun and a 35mm anti-air turrent. Has heavy armor but is slow. Can only be transported by Pelican.

The Giant is, without question, the most powerful ground unit. But it isn't invincible. You can lose these valuable resources if you are too reckless with them. Before deploying them against other strong enemies, consider building up their experience levels by attacking weaker units. Giants who have maxed out their levels are even stronger still. But if they get surrounded by enemies, they won't last long. Transporting them by Pelican is an option, but if you don't have access to one, you'll want to keep Giants on flat ground and open roads. Don't forget the Giant's unique ability among tanks to attack air units.


Buggies may seem weak, but they are an unassuming weapon in your arsenal against enemy tanks. Buggies have the unique ability to move to a location and strike, and then move once more before their turn ends. This makes them particularly versatile, as their ability to run away after an attack gives them an edge. Although they are fast, they are particularly susceptible to rugged terrain, so they need a good escape route.

Buggies also don't have the greatest defense, and they are likely to suffer a lot of losses when taking on tank units. Using terrain effects and support units is critical to keeping more of them alive. Whenever possible, try to strike within driving distance of a factory. This will enable you to drive back to the factory after an attack for repairs, effectively giving you a fourth move in just one turn.

MB-4 Lynx[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
6 2 1
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
20 40 10
Military Madness unit Lynx.png

This buggy is equipped with indirect attack missiles. It has the ability to move after attacking but it has a weak defense and is not as mobile as the MB-5.

While the Lynx has the ability to attack and run away, as described above, it has unusual attack requirements. It cannot attack ground units that are immediately next to the Lynx. Rather, it can only attack units that are two hexagons away. Conversely, it can attack air units, but in order to hit them it must be directly next to them.

MB-5 Rabbit[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
8 1 1
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
20 70 10
Military Madness unit Rabbit.png

This buggy has great mobility and a capacity to move after attack. Has powerful anti-surface missiles and a small anti-air gun. Its thin armor gives it minimal defense.

A Rabbit's low defense is more than made up for by their powerful attack and speed. However, you'll have to use them strategically in order to keep them alive for more than a couple of fights.


You might be inclined to think of aircraft solely for offensive purposes, but in fact they have a variety of uses. Aircraft can be used to surround and block opponents, including ground units. They can also be used to support other units. Even the Pelican transport planes can be used in these ways. But the computer will prioritize their destruction, so try to keep them out of harm's way.

Be aware of the different traits among each aircraft: Eagles can attack ground units, but not other air units. Eagles and Falcons have low defenses, but a Hunter's defense is quite high, and can attack both ground and air units rather effectively. and air forces.

FX-1 Falcon[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
12 N/A 1
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
30 N/A 90
Military Madness unit Falcon.png

This fighter has the ultimate in anti-air attack power and mobility but has no surface attack power and low defense abilities. Keep away from the Hunter and the Hawkeye.

Falcons must also be kept away from the AAG-4 Seekers, as a single attack from them can destroy a good number of your Falcons. While they are very effective against Eagles, they put themselves at risk against Hunters unless you are able to use many Falcons to surround a Hunter. If you manage to destroy your enemy's air force, Falcons can still be used to surround ground units, and support your units.

AX-87 Eagle[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
10 1 1
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
30 90 20
Military Madness unit Eagle.png

This attack plane is armed with light Stinger anti-air missiles and heavy surface bombs. It has high mobility but a weak defense so watch out for anti-air missiles.

Eagles are great at destroying ground units without fear of retaliation. However, they are quite vulnerable to anti-air attacks, like those from Falcons and Hunters, as well as Hawkeyes and Seekers. If possible, keep Eagles safe from harm until threats to them can be neutralized first.

EF-88 Hunter[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
11 1 1
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
50 70 70
Military Madness unit Hunter.png

This fighter-bomber is armed with heavy air missiles and heavy surface bombs. It is the supreme aircraft with paramount power, mobility and defense.

Hunters are among the most dangerous units in the entire game. Just as the enemy will focus on removing them as quickly as possible, you should do the same if you spot any among your opponent's force. While Hunters can withstand a lot of punishment, they're not invincible, so use them carefully.


Air units in your opponents force can disrupt your strategy and devastate your army. Removing them as quickly as possible should be a high priority. Anti-aircraft units such as the Seeker and Hawkeye can help you immensely. They can make quick work of both Eagles and Falcons, but be aware that even Hawkeyes can find it difficult to take down Hunters.

AAG-4 Seeker[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
6 1 1
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
30 30 65
Military Madness unit Seeker.png

The Seeker is a high power anti-air vehicle with fair surface missiles as well. It has 4 connected 20mm machine guns and has good mobility but is weak in defense.

You can use Seekers against Falcons with no fear since Falcons are unable to retaliate against ground units. Against Eagles or Hunters, however, you must expect some casualties in the exchange. Using multiple units to surround an air target can help Seekers better withstand a counter attack. You can also use Seekers to attack other ground units, but they are far less effective than tanks, and are better used to pick off small remains.

MM-107 Hawkeye[edit]

Movement Land Range Air Range
5 N/A 5
Defense Land Attack Air Attack
30 N/A 85
Military Madness unit Hawkeye.png

The Hawkeye has enormous indirect anti-air attack power but no surface attack and little defense. Best if used behind the front line to shoot down incoming air.

Hawkeyes are incredibly useful units, but they must adhere to slightly different rules.

  • Hawkeyes may not move AND attack in a single turn. This makes moving Hawkeyes into position particularly challenging, because your enemy will have a chance to react to their new location before you have a chance to fire. Likewise, you may find that an enemy is within range of your Hawkeye, but an enemy tank may be threatening its position and you're forced to move.
  • Hawkeyes have incredible range, but they are "blind" to units that are right next to them. They can't strike aircraft in neighboring hexagons, and your opponent will use that to their advantage by parking units one hex away

Use Hawkeyes to strike first, doing the most significant amount of damage without putting the Hawkeyes at risk of a counter attack. Also position them in locations that allow them to defend a high-value target. The presence Hawkeye can deter your opponent from bringing aircraft in to strike that target if doing so would put it in the Hawkeye's range.

If you've managed to wipe out the enemy's air force, Hawkeyes continue to be useful as shields. Their high defense allows them to take some punishment before they are extinguished, and placing them in rugged terrain only increases that defense. They are also good for supporting other units

Unit comparison table[edit]

Name Code Unit Type Movement Land Attack Air Attack Land Range Air Range Defense
Charlie GX-77 Infantry 3 10 10 1 1 4
Kilroy GX-87 Infantry 2 40 10 1 1 10
Panther CBX-1 Infantry 9 10 10 1 1 8
Trigger M-77 Mine N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 80
Falcon FX-1 Aircraft 12 N/A 90 N/A 1 30
Eagle AX-87 Aircraft 10 90 20 1 1 30
Hunter EF-88 Aircraft 11 70 70 1 1 50
Mule NC-1 Transport 6 10 10 1 1 10
Pelican C-61 Transport 9 N/A N/A N/A N/A 10
Hadrian SG-4 Mobile Artillery 4 45 N/A 5 N/A 30
Octopus MR-22 Mobile Artillery 4 60 N/A 4 N/A 30
Atlas SS-80 Fixed Artillery N/A 90 N/A 6 N/A 20
Lynx MB-4 Moon Buggy 6 40 10 2 1 20
Rabbit MB-5 Moon Buggy 8 70 10 1 1 20
Lenet TT-1 Tank 5 45 N/A 1 N/A 30
Bison S-61 Tank 6 50 N/A 1 N/A 40
Slagger GS-81 Tank 7 50 N/A 1 N/A 50
Titan GT-86 Tank 5 60 N/A 1 N/A 50
Grizzly T-79 Tank 4 70 N/A 1 N/A 50
Polar PT-6 Tank 4 60 N/A 1 N/A 60
Giant HMB-2 Tank 2 90 40 1 1 80
Seeker AAG-4 Anti-aircraft 6 30 65 1 1 30
Hawkeye MM-107 Anti-aircraft 5 N/A 85 N/A 5 30