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The follow page describes each of the bosses that Milon will encounter when trying to retrieve the seven crystals. The number of hit points indicates exactly how many bubbles Milon must strike the head of the boss with the defeat them. This number is cut in half if Milon purchases the Excalibur tile. Body Damage and Projectile Damage reflect exactly how many bars Milon will lose when hit by the body of the boss and the projectiles he throws respectively.

To defeat the bosses, Milon must strike their heads with bubbles. At the start of the game, this can be considerably difficult. With small bubbles and a limited range, you'll have to position Milon as close to the boss as possible and fire frequently to take them down. The story changes considerably when you have the third crystal, and purchase the Super Shoes and Blimp. When you have these items, you can stand just ahead of the left door, and jump up into the air. Fire downward at the boss' head as it is approaching, while holding the jump button to sustain your height in the air as long as possible. From that range, you should be able to hit the boss a number of times while avoiding the majority of the projectiles. On the other hand, the bosses can start firing more than one projectile at a time. Bosses 4 through 6 can keep two projectiles on screen at the same time while Boss 7 (Kama) can keep three on screen at once. More projectiles at once makes it more difficult for Milon to dodge them, even using the Super Shoes technique.

1st Floor[edit]

1st Crystal - Homa[edit]

  • Hit Points: 14
  • Body Damage: 1.5
  • Projectile Damage: 1.0
  • Crystal Effect: With the first crystal, you can continue your game after dying by holding Left dpad when pressing Start button.

2nd Floor[edit]

2nd Crystal - Doma[edit]

  • Hit Points: 18
  • Body Damage: 2.0
  • Projectile Damage: 1.25
  • Crystal Effect: The second crystal increases the size of the bubbles that Milon fires. Large bubbles can defeat sparks.

3rd Crystal - Barukama[edit]

  • Hit Points: 22
  • Body Damage: 2.5
  • Projectile Damage: 1.5
  • Crystal Effect: The third crystal will extend the range of Milon's bubble attack.

3rd Floor[edit]

With the exception of Kama, the bosses do not necessarily have to be attacked in the following order. The Excalibur item should be purchased to reduce the number of bubbles needed to defeat these bosses in half.

4th crystal - Blue Doma[edit]

Blue Doma
  • Hit Points: 40
  • Body Damage: 3.0
  • Projectile Damage: 1.75
  • Crystal Effect: The fourth crystal provides Milon with the effect of one parasol (two bubbles can be fired rapidly) automatically.

5th crystal - Red Homa[edit]

Red Homa
  • Hit Points: 48
  • Body Damage: 3.5
  • Projectile Damage: 2.0
  • Crystal Effect: The fifth crystal actually does not enhance Milon in any way.

6th crystal - Red Barukama[edit]

Red Barukama
  • Hit Points: 56
  • Body Damage: 4.0
  • Projectile Damage: 2.25
  • Crystal Effect: The sixth crystal, like the third crystal, will further extend the range of Milon's bubble attack.

7th crystal - Kama[edit]

  • Hit Points: 64
  • Body Damage: 4.5
  • Projectile Damage: 2.5
  • Crystal Effect: The seventh crystal provides Milon with the effect of two parasols (three bubbles can be fired rapidly) automatically.