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Lower floor enemies[edit]

Enemy Name Shoots projectiles Jumps or flies Pass through walls Behavior
MSC Enemy Slime Eye.png Slime Eye No No No Slime Eyes walk back and forth at a leisurely pace.
MSC Enemy Tambo.png Tambo No Yes No Tambo likes to skip and hop, and turns around to attack Milon.
MSC Enemy Camry.png Camry No Yes Yes Camries fly all over a room in diagonal directions.
MSC Enemy Mauri.png Mauri No Yes No After bouncing around, it will suddenly stop jumping.
MSC Enemy Hard Taru.png Hard Taru No Yes No Hard Tarus flies through the air in slow straight lines.
MSC Enemy Beat.png Beat No Yes Yes Beats fly around the room in random, purposeless directions.
MSC Enemy Paumeru.png Paumeru Yes Yes No Paumerus fly aimlessly through a room, spitting fireballs at Milon.
MSC Enemy Rubide.png Rubide Yes Yes No Rubides alternate between horizontal and vertical movements, throwing crosses at Milon.
Enemy Name Shoots projectiles Jumps or flies Pass through walls Behavior
MSC Enemy Katchinsha.png Katchinsha No No No Katchinshas will pace back and forth across the floor rapidly.
MSC Enemy Gerubo.png Gerubo No Yes Yes Like Camries, Gerubos fly around the room diagonally.
MSC Enemy Safuma.png Safuma Yes Yes Yes Safumas move left and right throughout the entire room, scattering shots about.
MSC Enemy Medamagure.png Medamaruge Yes Yes Yes Medamaruges appear, fly around in circles shooting fire, and disappear. It takes 10 normal bubbles or 5 large bubbles to defeat them. A balloon will appear when they defeated.
MSC Enemy Fire.png Fire Yes Yes Yes The Fire enemy will float around in lazy circles, spitting flames at Milon. It takes 16 bubbles to defeat them and you must possess the Canteen or they are invincible.
MSC Enemy Voodoo.png Voodoo No Yes No Voodoos run left and right, and jump occasionally.

Upper floor enemies[edit]

Enemy Name Shoots projectiles Jumps or flies Pass through walls Behavior
MSC Enemy Gyoro.png Gyoro No Yes No Gyoros fall downward, moving left or right at high speeds.
MSC Enemy Brain Toto.png Brain Toto Yes Yes No Brain Toto's fly randomly through the air, firing crosses at Milon.
MSC Enemy Agu-agu.png Agu-agu Yes Yes No Agu-agus run left and right like Voodoos and jump occasionally.
MSC Enemy Eye-eye.png Eye-eye No No No Like Katchinshas, Eye-eyes move back and forth rapidly.
MSC Enemy Shim.png Shim No No No Shims move leisurely across the floor like Slime Eyes.
MSC Enemy Madora.png Madora Yes Yes No Madoras move left and right, jumping along, and shoot projectiles at Milon.
MSC Enemy Flying Eye.png Flying Eye Yes Yes Yes Like Safumas, Flying Eyes move left and right, passing right through the walls, and scatters shots around the room.
MSC Enemy Unbao.png Unbao Yes No No Unbaos move left or right, waiting for Milon to be close and underneath so they can fire many shots at him.
MSC Enemy Spark.png Spark No Yes Yes Sparks drop from one side of the screen to the other. They not only appear inside, but outside as well, when the weather is bad. They can only be defeated with large bubbles.
MSC Enemy Flag.png Flag No Yes Yes Flags rise to the top or drop to the bottom of the screen, flying back and forth in a wave-like pattern.
MSC Enemy Giant Head.png Giant Head No Yes No Giant Heads hop about left and right.
MSC Enemy Bone Wing.png Bone Wing No Yes No Like Tambos, and they hop and bound around.
MSC Enemy Crow.png Crow Yes Yes Yes Crows, like Fires, require 16 bubbles and a canteen in order to be defeated.
MSC Enemy Maharito.png
Evil Warlord
Yes Yes No The Evil Warlord is the ultimate enemy. He has disguised three Crows to look like him in the highest room of the castle. Only one of the Warlords is real, and that is the one you must defeat to rescue the princess. He can only be hurt when his arms are open.