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Enemy Drops[edit]

Item Name Description
MSC Item Heart.png Heart Collect a heart to restore one lost bar from Milon's health meter.
MSC Item Umbrella.png Parasol When parasols appear, they immediately begin to rise to the ceiling. Collect the parasol to increase the rate at which you can fire bubbles. After you can fire three bubbles rapidly, every parasol you collect will act just like a heart.
MSC Item Balloon.png Balloon Balloons will only appear if you can defeat a Medamaruge inside the well. They rise to the ceiling like parasols, but if you catch one, a giant bubble will form and carry you out of the well.

Hidden Items[edit]

Item Name Description
MSC Item Money.png Money Milon must shoot the walls in order to find the money that has been hidden throughout the castle. He will need that money in order to purchase essential equipment from shops. While most money will never return once it has been collected, there are a few rooms around the castle where money can be found during each visit.
MSC Item Honeycomb.png Honeycomb Milon's health meter starts out with seven bars. For every honeycomb the Milon discovers, his health meter will extend by one bar, and it will automatically be refilled. There is one honeycomb hidden in every room of the castle.
MSC Item Honeybee.gif Honeybee Honeybees are hidden in the rooms of the castle, and must be shot to be revealed. When Milon shoots the right location, the bee will appear and fly off in whatever direction Milon happens to be facing. If Milon collects the bee, a small barrier will appear around him. This barrier is capable of absorbing two hits before disappearing. If Milon finds another Bee or collects a heart while the small barrier is still around him, it will grow to a big barrier, which is capable of absorbing four hits.
MSC Item Key.png Key Keys are needed to escape from any room that you visit for the first time. They will appear after you collect $4 and either reveal 15 blocks or kill 5 enemies. A key can appear in more than one location, but only one will ever appear. Once you collect it, you can freely leave the room through the exit once you find it.
MSC Item Bonus Box.png Music box These music boxes are the gateways to a bonus stage where you can earn money. One music box is hidden in each room, and can only be revealed by jumping up and bumping Milon's head into a particular block in the room. Once you collect it, you will be transported to a room where notes, sharps, and flats fly into the air and fall back down. You get one point for every note you collect, and two points for every sharp, while you lose a point if you touch a flat. When the song is finished, you will earn one unit of money for every 4 points you collect, rounded down unless you perform extra well and collect at least 50 points, at which point it becomes one unit per 2 points instead, effectively doubling your payout.

Shop Items[edit]

Item Name Purchase Description
MSC Item Medicine.png Medicine Room B: $5 If Milon possesses the medicine, he will become small if he is bopped on the head by a green boxing glove. Without this medicine, he will just take damage. The ability to become small is required to reach the second floor of the castle, as well as to find many other secrets and collect difficult to reach items throughout the castle.
MSC Item Spring Shoe.png Shoes Room A: $16
Room C: $10
By wearing these shoes, Milon will gain the ability to utilize the springs hidden in certain blocks in many of the castle rooms. These springs will enable Milon to reach ledges that he could not otherwise reach. Hold the jump button down while using these springs to jump even higher.
MSC Item Lamp.png Lamp Room C: $50
Room F: $15
If you enter the well without the lamp, it will be hard to discern where certain platforms and walls exist. With the lamp, the indication of their outlines will be dim, but visible, making it much easier to you to discover the secrets that the well contains.
MSC Item Vest.png Vest Room G: $25 The vest will provide Milon with limited protection from fire. He will still get burned if he hangs out in fire for too long, but it will occur at a much slower rate than if he does not have the vest at all. Definitely helpful when going after one of the crystals in the game.
MSC Item Hammer.png Hammer Well: Free This item will let you create holes in the outside walls of the castle from certain platforms. You may find something useful on the other side of the hole, or you may find nothing at all. This item is required to retrieve one of the crystals.
MSC Item Saw.png Saw Room E: Free Like the hammer, the saw can give you greater access to the inside of the castle from the outside by accessing the windows of the castle which are otherwise closed off to Milon before he collects this item. It too is needed to retrieve one of the crystals.
MSC Item Blimp.png Blimp Room M: $40 The blimp will allow Milon to float gently to the ground when he begins to fall. Once you purchase the blimp, hold the jump button down after jumping to slow Milon's descent. This item is not required, but is considerably helpful, especially against bosses.
MSC Item Sword.png Excalibur Room N: $50 By purchasing the Excalibur tile, the power of Milon's bubbles will double. Since the number of bubbles needed to defeat a boss increases every time, this item is incredibly valuable, and should be obtained before you fight any of the bosses on the third floor.
MSC Item High Jump.png Super Shoes Room I: $60 Although expensive, this item can really give you a boost by providing Milon with the power of the spring shoes all over the castle. This can make it easier for Milon to get around or collect items that are difficult to reach. When combined with the sword and the blimp, boss fights become much easier.
MSC Item Paint.png Paint Room K: $40 If you have the paint then certain blocks in the evil spirit shrine, which are originally invisible, can be made visible if you shoot them with your bubbles.
MSC Item Feather.png Feather Room J: $45 If you have the feather, you can make use of the platform elevator in one specific room of the castle. It is not a required item, as you can do just fine without it.
MSC Item Canteen.png Canteen Room R: Free This necessary item provides Milon with the ability to defeat the giant flame enemy, as well as the Crow enemy which must be defeated to earn special items needed to fight the last boss. Without the canteen, bubbles bounce off these enemies harmlessly.

Important Items[edit]

Item Name Description
MSC Item Crystal.png Crystal There are seven crystals, jealously guarded by the seven bosses of the castle. They each grant Milon a special ability, but he must defeat each boss in order to retrieve them.
MSC Item Crown.png Crown The Crown is necessary to make the boss Kama appear, who you must defeat in order to reach the fourth floor. It can only be retrieved by defeating one of the Crows in the evil spirit shrines.
MSC Item Cane.png Cane Just like the Crown, the Cane is necessary to make the Kama appear, and earn the ability to reach the fourth floor. You must defeat one of the Crows in the evil spirit shrines in order to collect it.