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This is the first of many levels depending on what version you own. Also note that this level might vary slightly as the level progression doesn't exactly play the same way twice. Lastly, the more difficult the level is, the more monsters you encounter and the more powerful the equipment grows. This rule applies to all levels, but Squid Coast is based on. Even if already beaten this level, you'll get a random treasure each time until it's no longer noted. Same with the shop owners and blacksmith.

The basics[edit]

Let's assume you're new to this game. On the lowest difficulty level, you get to learn how this game works. In an isometric viewpoint (sadly you can't change camera angles at all), you just follow the map with the yellow arrow signs pointing you to directly to where the end of the level is. Along the way, you'll encounter entrances that may lead to caverns or places that you would not normally find in a regular gameplay.

This and many other levels wouldn't be fun without objectives. For this level, you need to unlock a shopkeeper. An actual description would be an illager within a wooden fence. To unlock a secret level, you need to find a place that has a table and an open scroll for you to click on. When you reach a locked gate, you have to save a number of friendly illagers before you can move on.

Enemies aren't joking around[edit]

No matter the difficulty, you have to be able to eliminate them all before your three life ends. If you are indeed a fan of Minecraft, you'll recognize most monsters that you'll encounter. To put in simple terms, there's green block zombies, suicidal zombies, skeletal archers and magical wizards. Most prominently, you might also encounter an Enderman which will appear as the screen gets grainy and loses color than returns to normal if you defeat him quickly.

Runes, runes, runes[edit]

Assuming that you already beaten the arch-illager the first time and lowering a bridge to a special church, your job is to find the runes in all nine levels except for the last one. It will be very hidden so it's important to explore the whole level until you find it. Try to find a way into that hidden level and you'll complete your first rune quest. Getting all nine will get you a something special that you need to find out.