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Minecraft Dungeons is the Ultimate Edition that has more hero skins and more levels in the jungle, mountains and an unknown place where the enderman and its creatures live.

It's not just a hack and slash game like the Dynasty Warriors series. you'll collect emeralds, weapons, armor and projectiles that shoot arrows. Also, you get magical items that would help you should you find yourself in a jam when encountering multiple foes and there's no joke about that.

Most of all, the amount of stuff you get will depend on the recommended difficulty. The harder the difficulty, the better equipment you get but don't go too far! If you choose to go beyond the recommended difficulty, you'll die before you succeed.

Lastly, you'll unlock more difficulties if you defeat the Arch-illigar at the last level. Again, the harder the difficulty, the stuff you get will become powerful and equal enough against all foes you'll go up against.

You can have up to four people in co-op at anytime.