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This game begins with this cutscene. To keep it short, as small illager feels ignored. So, he searches around until a mystery source gives him power. That turns into an arch-illager, organizing a group of villains to come out and destroy villages and take over the world of Minecraft. A hero that you choose will go on a journey and take down the arch-illager and its organization. But is that all? This journey is getting started.

Basic combat and arrow shooting[edit]

You start with a hero that you choose. You carry a sword and a bow at level one. And yes, the villages look like its burning down and you have to escape to a new place. Anyway, after taking down your first enemy, follow the path until you reach a stone bridge with the arrows lying on the ground. Shoot a skeleton archer to move on.

Journey into an ambush and style[edit]

If you have the Ultimate Edition, you'll notice a few capes and a set of pets. Pick whichever you want and move on. You'll encounter at one point where you have to press a switch to unlock a gate. The other requires you to deal with an ambush after another gate shuts immediately as you get close. Be thankful that the difficulty is at its lowest.

Setting up camp[edit]

Continue on your journey until you reach an area with a few stone structures and a table for you to click to end your mission. At this point, your camp is now your home. You can pet a fox, go inside to see pigs and your room and if you're actively online, you'll get a section where you slowly rank up to unlock emeralds and awards etc. You don't have a blacksmith and shops until you go to those locations to unlock it. Furthermore, you can't access the other side of the bridge without taking out the arch-illager in a final level involving jumping platforms.

Tower of Death[edit]

This one is also available if you already have been signed in. It's a basic thirty levels of just defeating various villains in various levels. With each level, you get to pick which equipment to use as you go up. In a few floors, you get to meet the blacksmith and taking down a boss. Last of all, it will be over after three lives has been taken and you'll be rewarded for your effort. Do you have what it takes to handle this challenge? Consider using it if you indeed are online and have already signed in.