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Mini Golf
Box artwork for Mini Golf.
Developer(s)Digital Games Inc.
Publisher(s)Digital Games Inc.
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player
TwitchMini Golf Channel
This guide is for the 1980 Digital Games Inc. game. For the 1985 Bally/Sente game, see Mini Golf (1985).

Mini Golf is, as the name suggests, a golf arcade game which was released by Digital Games Inc. in 1980; it runs on Data East's Cassette System hardware (a Motorola M6502, running at 750 KHz, with a second Motorola M6502 and Intel I8X41 running at 500 KHz). It was the company's last game - and hardly anything is known about it (for it was usurped, by Bally/Sente's 1985 game of the same name).