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Box artwork for Miracle Ropitt: 2100-Toshi no Daibouken.
Miracle Ropitt: 2100-Toshi no Daibouken
Publisher(s)King Records
Release date(s)
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Miracle Ropitt: 2100-Toshi no Daibouken (ミラクルロピット ~2100年の大冒険~? lit. Miracle Ropit's Adventure in 2100) is a platform game developed by Micronics and published by King Records. It is intended to be a light-hearted side scrolling game about a young girl who wears a large "cute" mechanical power-suit. If the player sustains enough damage, the suit breaks, and the girl can be seen running around without the suit, but she can only sustain one hit.

This game is not well made, nor is it considered very memorable by most. Like many Micronics games, this game exhibits a lower amount of quality and polish than other games released around the same time. Like Ghosts 'n Goblins, the game must be played through twice in order to see the true ending. However, due to a shortcut in the third level, the game can be beaten in under five minutes. The graphics are crude, and the hit collision is sporadic; players can successfully land on floating platforms despite clearly missing them by a large number of pixels. Although the game was only released in Japan, the game's text is in English and is completely playable by English speakers.

One day in the year 2100, a UFO suddenly appears and crashes into the Earth. In the resulting collision, a young brother and sister are warped to another dimension and become separated. A funny robot appears before the girl and communicates with her through telepathy. With the help of her robot friend, can she find her brother and return home to Earth in her own dimension?

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