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Box artwork for Mirai.
Developer(s)Zein Soft
Publisher(s)Zein Soft
Release date(s)
System(s)NEC PC-8801, MSX, MSX2, NEC PC-9801
TwitchMirai Channel
YouTube GamingMirai Channel

Mirai (未来? lit. Future) is an RPG developed by the notorious company Zein Soft. Several advertisements were printed that claimed Mirai was released in 1985, but in actuality, the game didn't come out until 1987. The game features two distinct play modes: Section Z styled shooting sections and on foot side scrolling areas akin to a traditional action-RPG, with the same kind of character development as Falcom's Xanadu. The game was only published in Japan, and has never been translated from the original Japanese.


The year is 720 of the space millennium. The earth's environment has worsened, and the human race has been forced to emigrate to other planets. Search results provided seven planets suitable for possible migration located in the Reinbow Nebula. Although the fate of humanity has been entrusted to the migration to the Reinbow Nebula, ferocious aliens indigenous to the Reinbow Nebula refused to accommodate them.

Due to the hostility of the indigenous aliens, it was believed the luck of the human race had ran out. However, humanity's fortune had changed when a legendary soldier obtained 5 armor suits possessing great power...

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