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Missile 25 points
Killer Satellite 100 points
Bomber 100 points
Smart Bomb 125 points
Stage bonus: Unused missiles 5 points each
Stage bonus: Saved Cities 100 points each
Score Multiplier
Waves 1 and 2 1x scoring
Waves 3 and 4 2x scoring
Waves 5 and 6 3x scoring
Waves 7 and 8 4x scoring
Waves 9 and 10 5x scoring
Waves 11 and beyond 6x scoring


Focus on recently splintered missiles.
  • Use the side missile silos (Alpha and Omega) to destroy missiles when they are higher up, and save the center missile silo (Delta) for when the missiles are closer and need more immediate attention.
  • Aim just in front of missiles, satellites, and bombers, and let them travel into your exploding ABM's. As soon as you've launched an ABM and marked the target for detonation, move the cursor to another target. Don't wait for the explosion.
  • Hit bombers and killer satellites before they can drop missiles. Also, the sooner you destroy them, the sooner they'll reappear and the more points you can score. You may want to launch "insurance" ABM's at the left and right sides of the screen even before a bomber or satellite appears, in the chance that one will travel into the ABM explosion.
  • Hit missiles before they divide into multiple warheads. If you notice that a missile has splintered into multiple warheads, try to destroy as many of them with a single ABM explosion as possible.
  • Hit smart bombs dead on, since they're designed to evade your ABM detonations. If you're not good at direct hits, try surrounding smart missiles with detonations.
  • Hit targets before they cross radar line. The radar line is an invisible line marking the cursor's lower limit. Since you can't position the cursor below this line, any enemy missile that crosses it is beyond the range of your ABMs.
  • Don't waste ABMs on enemy missiles that are heading for dirt (bomb craters or vacant sites). Defend your missile base and cities first. If all your cities are destroyed or you are on the verge of earning a bonus city, then it is good strategy to go for the high-score targets like smart missiles, even if they are heading for dirt.
  • Don't let smart bombs distract you. Sometimes you can try so hard to hit smart bombs you forget to defend your planet. Remember that a smart missile can only hit one target.
  • As waves become more difficult, you may be forced to sacrifice some cities. Choose the left or the right, and give up the cities on the other side. When waves become really tough, you may want to defend only one city and go for as many high score targets as possible.
  • Protect your cities with a missile umbrella. This is a line of ABM explosions spread across the screen to trap and destroy oncoming enemy weapons. To setup a missile umbrella, move the cursor rapidly across the screen, just below the enemy missiles and leave a string of detonation marks. Space the marks close enough to form a chain of explosions beneath enemy targets. If possible, spread the missile umbrella in the path of a bomber or satellite