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Box artwork for Mito Koumon II: Sekai Manyuuki.
Mito Koumon II: Sekai Manyuuki
Preceded byTenka no Goikenban: Mito Koumon
Release date(s)
NES icon.png NES
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Mito Koumon II: Sekai Manyuuki (水戸黄門II 世界漫遊記? lit. Mito Koumon's World Tour Chronicle) is an adventure game developed and published by Sunsoft for the Famicom in 1988. It is the sequel to Tenka no Goikenban: Mito Koumon and is very similar in appearance and gameplay. As in that game, the player controls one of Mitsukini Tokugawa's retainers as they gather clues and evidence of crimes in the area while either avoiding or fighting off hostile NPCs. Unlike the first game, which was set entirely within Japan, Tokugawa crosses the world solving problems instead. The first stage is America (specifically the Wild West, as would be chronologically accurate for the 17th century) though there are plenty of other locations to visit across the world as well, including Transylvania.

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