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Box artwork for Momotaro Densetsu.
Momotaro Densetsu
Developer(s)Hudson Soft
Publisher(s)Hudson Soft
System(s)NES, Sharp X68000
Followed byMomtaro Densetsu Turbo
Japanese title桃太郎伝説 超シリーズVOL.3
Release date(s)
NES icon.png NES
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Momotaro Densetsu (桃太郎伝説 Momotarō Densetsu?, Peachboy Legend) (also known by the abbreviated name Momoden) is a RPG series in Japan featuring the character Momotarou from Japanese folklore, as well as other Japanese folklore characters such as Kintarou, Urashima Tarou, and Princess Kaguya of "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter".

Started in 1987, the series is produced by Hudson Soft. The title is sometimes confused with that of Momotaro Dentetsu, another video game series by Hudson Soft. As with Momotaro Dentetsu, the project supervisor for the Momotaro Densetsu series is Akira Sakuma, with illustration by Takayuki Doi and main music production by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi of Southern All Stars.

Momotaro Densetsu was never released outside of Japan or translated into any other language from Japanese. It was redesigned when released as Momtaro Densetsu Turbo for the PC Engine, and then further redesigned when released in 1998 for the PlayStation.

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