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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is played by constructing commands / sentences by clicking on verbs (located on the bottom of the screen) and on objects.

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The game is designed to be played with a mouse.

Shortcut Action
PC Mouse Left Click.png Move Guybrush to a new location (Walk To) or execute a verb-based command.
PC Mouse Right Click.png Select "brightness" level in the game.
PC Mouse Middle Click.png Skip a cutscene (Warning: no undo!)

If your computer does not have a mouse, you may use the arrow keys or the NumPad to move the cursor on the screen, and execute commands using Enter key or the NumPad 5.

The following keyboard shortcuts provide quick access to the verbs without excessive clicking:

Shortcut Action
G Give
P Pick Up
U Use
O Open
L Look At
S Push
C Close
T Talk To
Y Pull

Additionally, keyboard shortcuts may be utilized for various options within the game:

F5 The Main Menu (Save / Load / Restart / Quit)
Spacebar Pause
]/[ Increase/Decrease Sound Volume (respectively)
+/- Increase/Decrease the speed of the Dialog Text (respectively)
Esc Skip a cutscene
F8 Restart your game
Alt+X Exit Game