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1. Inn
2. Laundry
3. Wally
4. Bar
5. Woodsmith

As you attempt to move away from your starting point, you will be mugged by Largo LaGrande, the bully of Scabb Island. After your confrontation, take your time to explore the island. Across the bridge you'll find the woodsmith at the foot; keep moving left and you'll find Wally the cartographer in the adjacent ship, a bar in the ship closest to the camera, an inn to the extreme left, and a laundry place in the background. You can leave the town of Woodtick by walking off the screen to the right of the starting point, and then view a map of Scabb Island. Woodtick is located on the northern edge, adjacent is the beach, the swamp is on the eastern edge, the cemetery is on the southeast corner, and the peninsula is on the southwest corner.


When you feel like exacting revenge on Largo, go to the swamp. Use the coffin as a makeshift rowboat to reach the shack, where you'll meet the Voodoo Lady from the previous game. Inquire about Largo, and agree to fetch the ingredients for a voodoo doll: something of the Thread, something of the Head, something of the Body, and something of the Dead. Reenter the coffin and row back to the swamp.


Largo is currently staying at the inn, but the innkeeper will not allow you to enter Largo's room. To remove the innkeeper from his desk, you must find something to cut the securely fastened rope that is restraining his pet alligator. Go to the deck of the ship that serves as the bar, and examine its windows. The leftmost one lacks glass, so go through that window to enter the kitchen. Pick up the knife on the table, exit through the window, and return to the inn. Cut the rope with the knife, and the innkeeper will be gone indefinitely.

You may enter Largo's room, but there are no clothes to be found. Go to the laundry place and attempt to pick up the bucket. A pirate will tell you to leave it alone, but you can respond with "Sorry, is this your bucket?" to avoid a long conversation. Head to the swamp and fill the bucket to acquire a bucket o' mud. Go inside Largo's room, close the door, and use the bucket with the door. Follow Largo to the laundry place, return to his room, and close the door. Grab the laundry claim ticket on the back and give it to the laundry guy to obtain the ingredient.
Enter Largo's room and pick up the clean, white, folded shirt on his bed.


Enter Largo's room and pick up the toupee on the bust.


Descend into the bar and ask the barkeeper "How's business?" After Largo is done with his drink, you need to find something to wipe up his spit, so enter Wally's cabin. Take a piece from the pile of paper and use it to clean up the spit dripping down the wall.


Near the exit of Woodtick, there is a sign with a shovel. Attempt to pick it up, and you'll obtain the shovel. Enter the cemetery and walk up to the graves at the top of the hill in the background. Examine the tombstones and use the shovel to dig up the one with Largo's relative to obtain a bone.

After you have gathered all four ingredients, go to the Voodoo Lady and hand them in to acquire a voodoo doll and pins. Confront Largo in his room and use the two items together to drive him off the island.

Chartering a Ship[edit]

With the embargo lifted, you're free to sail once you charter a ship. Talk to Captain Dread at the peninsula, and he'll ask you for 20 pieces of eight before setting sail. Note that polishing the scary pirate's peg leg at the laundry place can only earn you up to 19 pieces of eight.

Guybrush is ready to snatch Wally's monocle.
Dread will also require a replacement for his lucky sailing necklace, so go to the cartographer's cabin, wait across the table from Wally and snatch his monocle as soon as he puts it on the table. Before you can earn enough money, you must have the cook at the bar fired.
  1. Go to the swamp shack and take some string from the table with the skull.
  2. Head to the beach and pick up the stick on the floor, near one of the trees.
  3. Visit the inn, look in the alligator's bowl and grab the Cheese Squigglies.
  4. Go to the laundry place and open the box on the floor
  5. Use stick with box, use string with stick, use Cheese Squigglies with box.
  6. Walk to the other end of string and pull it when the rat is eating the Cheese Squigglies.
  7. Open box, pick up trapped, cowering rat.
  8. Enter the bar kitchen (through the window) and place the rat in the vichysoisse on the stove.
  9. Ask the barkeeper for stew and then accept the job offer.
  10. Escape through the window, give the monocle to Dread and charter the ship.
Ask for a job at the bar, escape through the window and charter the ship.