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After the opening sequence, walk to the right and climb the stairs into the passage, where you'll see many signs. If you want to talk to Wally, go immediately right through the tunnel and walk to the jail cell. When you're ready to proceed, enter the back tunnel behind the arch in the room with many signs.

Look at the spit encrusted paper you have from Part I. The verses from the song in your dream are inscribed therein, and indicate which ugly bone thing on the wall you're supposed to push. Each verse has three lines, and the second word of each line is a body part. The order of the lines corresponds to the order of the body parts (top to bottom) on the ugly bone thing which must be pushed (and then walked through) in order to proceed. If none of the things in the room match Verse 1, then go through an archway to move to another room. After Verse 4, you will find a huge door.
Keep travelling in one direction, and you will eventually find a huge door.

Attempt to open the huge door, and enter through the doggie door that opens. Pick up the voodoo key to jail.


Normal: Location of the spit targets highlighted in cyan

Once you have control:

Use the crazy straw with the green drink. Spit on the pan to the bottom once (by clicking it), and then spit on the shield to the right twice to put out the candle.
Ask Wally for ideas.

Open Wally's juju bag and use the matches.