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Part I: The Largo Embargo[edit]

Objective: Meet with Voodoo Lady at the Swamp[edit]

You start the bridge - when you try to leave the screen, Largo will steal your money. Once he's gone, pick up the shovel, and exit to the right. Go to the swamp area, and use the coffin. Keep rowing to the right, until you enter to the voodoo lady's house. Pick up the string from the table in the first room, and then look at the jars until you find the "Ash-2-Life". Try to pick it up, and you will start talking to the voodoo lady. Also ask her about Largo, to get the shopping list. Use the coffin again to return to the shore.

Objective: Get a Largo's grandfather bone, and then meet with Wally the cartographer[edit]

Walk to the cemetery, and go to the top of the hill. Use the shovel for Largo's grandfather grave (on the left). Next, go tp the beach and pick up a stick. Go back to town, and enter Wally's place (second door from the right). Talk to Wally and take a sheet of paper from the pile. When Wally puts down his monocle, pick it up. Go outside and swing through the window on the ship (at the bottom of the screen). Pick up a knife and leave again.

Objective: Cook a captured rat with vichyssoise[edit]

Go into the ship on the far left and set Pegbiter loose with your knife. Pick up a bowl (to get the Cheese Squigglies) and go into Largo's room on the left. Steal his toupee off the styrofoam head and leave again.