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Tournament Competitions[edit]

  • Competitions are where your monster gains Fame and Levels. Winning Official FIMBA (Fraternal International Monster Breeders Association) battles raise both your and your monster's levels. You achieve a new level the first time you have a monster reach a level you have not gotten a monster to before. Official Battle take place the week of March, June, September, and December.
  • Competition Levels: There are 6 levels (From easiest to hardest: E, D, C, B, A, S) When you have a single monster when all 4 "Official S" battles, you become a Master Breeder.

Competition Screen[edit]

  • Life Gauge: Monster's life. if this reaches 0%, you monster will be K.O.'d
  • Remaining Time: Time remaining in fight.
  • Monster's Name: Your monster's name.
  • "Threaten" Sign: (2 red faces "Yelling" at each other) The opposing monster is in your personal space. You can Threaten your opponent with Square Button
  • Move Name: The name of the move you are performing.
  • Hit Rate: The Hit % of the move.
  • Will Meter: Your monster's will. Moves require Will to be performed. If your monster gets K.O.'d with low will, he may be injured or even die.
  • Move Panel: The move you are able to perform.
  • Distance Marker: The Distance from your opponent.

Entering a Battle[edit]

  • While on your farm, select Schedule, then Battle. If there is a tournament that you would like to participate in that week, and if it is open for you, select it.
  • Fight: Enter battle. Holly will ask if you want to give directions. If you want to control your monster chose Yes. If you want your monster to fight without your control, choose No.
  • Data: You can check information on the upcoming fight
  • Opponent: Holly will give you some insight to the opposing monster's condition.
  • Hit Method and Move Method: Tell you your controller functions