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CD list is posted only for Rare Monsters. Results may vary by disc printing, as a reprint of a disc may not produce the same results as an original printing.

How to Unlock[edit]

This species is unlocked at the beginning of the game. Some sub-species may have to be unlocked before acquiring them.

113 Lexus (Gali/Dino)[edit]

114 Warrior (Gali/Golem)[edit]

115 Sapphire (Gali/Tiger)[edit]

116 Pixel (Gali/Pixie)[edit]

117 Style (Gali/Worm)[edit]

118 Aqua (Gali/Jell)[edit]

119 Omen (Gali/Suezo)[edit]

120 Galion (Gali/Hare)[edit]

121 Gali (Gali/Gali)[edit]

122 Gara (Gali/Monol)[edit]

123 Shon Mask (Gali/Naga)[edit]

124 Color Gali (Gali/Plant)[edit]

125 Gamer (Gali/???)[edit]

Gamer CD list[edit]

126 Kuma (Gali/???)[edit]

Kuma CD list[edit]

127 Milky Way (Gali/???)[edit]

Milky Way CD list[edit]