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CD list is posted only for Rare Monsters. Results may vary by disc printing, as a reprint of a disc may not produce the same results as an original printing.

How to Unlock[edit]

This species is unlocked at the beginning of the game. Some sub-species may have to be unlocked before acquiring them.

To unlock Scribble, you will need a "C" class or higher Monol (Monol/Monol) with 80+ Fame. Your Monol will then have to lose lower class fights so that his fame drops. Once this happens, your monol will awaken with graffitti all over him.

128 Jura Wall (Monol/Dino)[edit]

129 Obelisk (Monol/Golem)[edit]

130 Sponge (Monol/Tiger)[edit]

131 Ropa (Monol/Pixie)[edit]

132 Sobo (Monol/Worm)[edit]

133 Ice Candy (Monol/Jell)[edit]

134 Sandy (Monol/Suezo)[edit]

135 Groomy (Monol/Hare)[edit]

136 Messiah (Monol/Gali)[edit]

137 Monol (Monol/Monol)[edit]

138 Asfar (Monol/Naga)[edit]

139 New Leaf (Monol/Plant)[edit]

140 Two Tone (Monol/???)[edit]

Two Tone CD list[edit]

141 Sky (Monol/???)[edit]

Sky CD list[edit]

142 Scribble (Monol/???)[edit]

Scribble CD list[edit]