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CD list is posted only for Rare Monsters. Results may vary by disc printing, as a reprint of a disc may not produce the same results as an original printing.

How to Unlock[edit]

This species is unlocked at the beginning of the game. Some sub-species may have to be unlocked before acquiring them.

29 Dento (Tiger/Dino)[edit]

A hound with a true "bite" for battle. Be careful!

30 Toto (Tiger/Golem)[edit]

31 Tiger (Tiger/Tiger)[edit]

He is very popular with all types of people.

32 Deton (Tiger/Pixie)[edit]

33 Yakuto (Tiger/Worm)[edit]

34 Frost (Tiger/Jell)[edit]

35 Mono Eye (Tiger/Suezo)[edit]

36 Rover (Tiger/Hare)[edit]

His big, dark eyes mesmerize one into a relaxing state

37 Ballon (Tiger/Gali)[edit]

38 Velvet (Tiger/Monol)[edit]

39 Cabalos (Tiger/Naga)[edit]

A troublemaker who will run away often and come back wild.

40 Leafy (Tiger/Plant)[edit]

He is covered in leaves to help him grow. Unpopular.

41 Gray Wolf (Tiger/???)[edit]

Gray Wolf CD list[edit]