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You can only get the three "basic" types of monsters here. The three that are available are Dino, Tiger, and Suezo.


Here is where most of your monsters should be made. When generating a monster follow the instructions very carefully. Since it requires taking the game CD out of the PS/PS2 there is some chance you will restart the machine or cause the game to freeze if you push the wrong button.

Monster Rancher uses the data on a CD to generate a monster that is unique to that CD. It uses variables like file size to determine this. You can use music CDs, PS1 games, and PC games for this.


How much is enough?
You can store up to 10 monsters. Don't load up on too many without considering your current monster too. It would be a shame to have to delete a good monster to make room.

Come here to store or combine your monsters. Combination is the key to discovering new breeds and creating stronger monsters.

If you use CD Fragments while combining the monster will have better stats in a specific stat depending on what kind of chip it is. There are some rare monsters that can only be gained by combining with an additional special item that can be won or found while exploring.

Overview of the options
  • Combine: If you have 2 or more monsters frozen you can combine them. They can be any age but veteran trained monsters will create a stronger new monster with higher stats.
  • Freeze: This will let you store a monster so you can raise a different one. It is a good option for retiring an old monster to keep it from dying of old age on the farm.
  • Revive: Lets you unfreeze a monster. You can't do this if you already have a monster with you.
  • Delete: Deletes a frozen monster. If you do this they will be gone forever.


  • Monster Shows current Monster's Stats.
  • Breeder Shows Breeder's Stats.
  • Book Shows Monsters you have "Unlocked"


Go here to save your game data.


This will take you to your ranch where you can start raising your monster.