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How to Raise Your Monster[edit]

A monster's average lifespan is 3 years. There is no wrong or right way to raise your monster, however training styles do effect how long a monster will live. If you train hard, expect a short lifespan and a bad tempered monster. On the other hand, if you are too easy, your monster will become spoiled and lazy . To unlock certain monsters you will need a small few of each (such as Ghost and Ape respectfully). Some other unlocks require high Intelligence, Skill and/or Power (300-600 each).

Before having your monster do his first job or go to training, it is a good idea to take note of his top 2 or 3 stats and concentrate on them, as they will gain more points while working or training. Let's say you have a monster that has all of its starting stats at 100. In order to find out what it is best at, try each basic job one time. Take note how much each one goes up. His stronger stats will raise more than his weaker stats.

Feeding Your Monster[edit]

The first week of each month (if you are on the farm), you are given the option of feeding your monster potatoes (10G), fish (100G), or meat (300G). Monsters do not like potatoes and will cause stress and their loyalty will drop. Each time you feed your monster meat, it will extend his life by one week. Meat will also cause you monster to get fat and lazy.

There are other items that you can feed your monster every week. There is no limit on how many of these items that you can give at one time. These items have various effects and are very useful.

When Your Monster Should Rest[edit]

How often you rest your monster effects how strict or easy your training style is. If you rest too often, your monster will become lazy. Not often enough, he may not finish his jobs and his stress level will rise. Holly will inform you when your monster "seems tired" and "is very tired." The first few months, you should rest when he "seems tired." After awhile, you can wait until "very tired." It is always good to rest before going on adventures or training as these events are 4 weeks each. You should also schedule resting before fighting so that he is not tired when he goes, the week before official battles

Your Monster's Stress And Loyalty Levels[edit]

Maintaining your monster's stress and loyalty levels are key to how long your monster lives and acts in battles. There is no in game indicators of your monsters stress level, however if it gets to high, Holly will let you know. High stress will cause your monster to get lost, hurt, not finish jobs and run away. Low loyalty will cause your monster to get confused in battle.

How To Get Max Stats[edit]

There are several ways to accomplish both having a long life and maxing out your stats, however they are all tediously long and expensive. You will need to experiment and take notes to find a method that works for you. Here are a few methods to get you going.

One way to this to get you a monster on week 4 or one that is frozen out on Week 4. Take this monster to your farm and feed him 2 taffy and 2 mint leaf. Do one of the 4 hard jobs, this will take you to Week 1. Feed him meat and then freeze. One Week 4 retrieve your monster from the freezer and feed him the same 4 items again and do an easy job. Again on Week 1, feed him meat and freeze. Official battles are always on week 4, and will not effect your routine. When you decide to send your monster to training, send him on week one so that you do not miss his feeding. You may want to wait until you receive a training discount, which always arrives the first week of the month that the sell is on. Using this method will keep your monsters stress down and he will not need to rest.

Using Vitamins will raise stats.

3-Freeze-3 Vitamins are good for 4 weeks, however if you freeze on the third week and wait a week, the counter restarts. This method causes the vitamin to last for ever. The downfall is that each week the vitamin is active, the monster looses lifespan.

Last Minute Power-Up When your monster has lived out his life, fill him up with vitamins and freeze. This method is good for 2 player and breeding, as the vitamins take away life.