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Items gained
Gold 5,000
  • Feni Wing X2
  • Bitter Aid X2
  • Mine Aid
  • Willpower X2
  • Life force X2
  • Seed 03
  • Seed 06
  • Seed 05
  • Michael the Rogue
  • Hans the Rogue
  • Para
  • Flamisk
  • Kam Foe
  • Garidola
  • Kirigaloo
  • Mine Aid
  • Biter Myshin
  • All low level solutions

The traveling merchant Mau has been captured by robbers. They are hiding in the fortress they recently built on the hill of Bal. The town chief has given you the job of rescuing him. He will give you a partial payment as well. Before leaving hatch the seeds you have and possibly get a few more monsters by buying them or winning more seed from beating a few more matches at the Beast Fighting Arena.


Leave town and enter Bal's Fortress to the north.

Right room[edit]

After entering the building take the path to the right. It will lead to a room that has 1-2 treasure boxes containing randomized items and money. Backtrack and take the left path for your first encounter.

Left hall[edit]

This room is fairly small and has a chance of encounters.


It might be a good room to not summon your Garidola in if you have any since they are 2 spaces big and won't have much room to maneuver in. Advance at your enemy and summon your 3 monsters boxing them in. If you personally attack him you will damage him by about a quarter of his HP

Hall turn[edit]

This room is larger than hte first segment of the hallway and also has the chance of encounters here.

Large branching room[edit]

This large room leads to the north and south. Take the southern path to get a randomized chest. Travel north to continue.