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Possible spoils of war
Money 240-1,470 Seed 3, 5, 6
Solution Lifeforce, Willpower, physical defence, fire power, gas power
Items Bitter Aid, Bonebay tears, Fin Recurve, Mine Aid, Miobita, Venom Mash.

The spoils of war is randomly generated and will vary for each player when beating someone at an arena battle. You will always earn some money and at least 1 item, solution, or seed. Be sure to save before entering since a loss will result in game over. Defeating all of the E rank matches are required to go to Bal's Fortress.


Always summoning 3 monsters on your first turn will give you an edge during battle. The earlier opponents will only summon 1 or 2 monsters. During the earlier matches you can get away with advancing towards your opponent and attacking them directly after summoning your 3 monsters. Daniel can deal 2-4 damage on his own to the earlier Rulers. During later matches it is important to fall back and let the monsters handle things. At this point Daniel can get knocked out within a couple of hits. If a battle is giving you a tough time it is advised you buy a few extra healing items just for in case. The nature of the game makes monsters much harder to replace than healing items so there is no harm in stocking up.


Name Ruler Monsters Rank
Burglar Simon Agroo E
Confusion Simon Garidola E
Timidity Simon Bablow E
Weeklive D
Challenger D
Sheeftribe D
Foolaround D
Destroys D
Allspirit D
Gotevil D
Belfegol C
Sonerion C
Greshil C
Verine C
Astarote C
Valvelt C
Asmodeus C
Rebiatan B
Belzebaba B
Rukuell B
Himince B
Andrang B
Veezbran B
Veezfez B
Fryoze B
Freelnil A
Gimil A
Vetmeemil A
Skarteel A
Dark Order Grayson Randol, Ang-Oolia, Agroo A