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Be a Bit More Careful
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Be a Bit More Careful
Walk off the cliff to the left.

As the game opens Asha's father will ask her what she is doing. After that you gain control. If you are playing the PlayStation 3 version you can get a trophy here by walking off the cliff to the left; otherwise head right to the next screen and enter the first house you come to. Talk to Asha's mother to get the Healing Medicine. If you use it at any point before you reach the end of this stage you can return to her for another bottle (she has an infinite supply).

Talk to your mother to get the useful Healing Medicine.

Go through the door to the far left, and talk to your grandmother to learn about Life Drops. She gives you 5 to start you off. Every time you get ten of these, you get 1 additional (blue) hit point. Most areas can't be returned to once completed so grab Life Drops whenever you get the chance, even if it means losing health or having to restart that screen.

Take the door to the left and open the chest for the Courage Crystal (you must have this to proceed). Now leave the house, and continue to the right. Pass your sobbing family (talk to them if you wish) and then you will pass an altar. These altars are found throughout the game and heal you for free.

As you are going along, there will be 2 Life Drops (6–7) hanging in the air, so be sure to grab them. Eventually you'll come across a funny-looking man with a beard and staff, the Sage of Save. Talk to him to save your game. There are two save slots. After saving your game continue to the right and you will see your first enemies! These ones can't hurt you, and you just bounce off them if you touch them. You can kill them for gold or just ignore them.

Every Last Drop
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
30 Gamerscore points
Every Last Drop
Collect all the Life Drops.
11 Life Drops
Use the Crystal on the Altar.

Continue to the right, fighting new enemy types and collecting 4 more Life Drops (8–11) on the way. One of them is to the left of the giant columns you can climb on (you'll need to jump to get it). Continue to the right and you will find another altar. If you are trying to collect all the Life Drops for the achievement/trophy make sure you now have all 11 from this area since you cannot return here. Once you are ready to move on stand in front of the altar, open your inventory and select the Courage Crystal to reveal the Tower of Silence.