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Q1: Are there any other ways to complete a level?

A1: Yes. Each level is quite open-ended and many of the items can be collected in different ways.

Q2: Do you have to collect every item to complete a level?

A2: No, but you do need the keys to complete a level.


PANAMA JOE, That’s what they call him ‘round these parts; though no one knows his real name or where he comes from. But one thing’s for sure, PANAMA JOE’s a daredevil from the word “go!” No risk’s too great if the reward’s large enough. Winning. That’s what’s the most important to him. And more times than not, that’s exactly what he does. Because he’s tough, clever – resourceful. And sometimes, downright pig-headed! Though occasionally (ah- hum), he’s been known to get in over his head. Luckily, he’s got a knack for getting himself out of hot water as quickly as he gets into it! Let’s hope MONTEZUMA’S REVENGE is one of those times.

Game Basics[edit]

Object of the Game[edit]

The object of the game is to find your way into Montezuma’s treasure room while collecting gems and using the tools to make it there.


Fire Button – Makes Panama Joe jump.

Joystick – Moves Panama Joe around.

Screen Displays[edit]

At the top center portion of the screen there are 5 hats representing the number of lives you have in reserve. Thus, you start the game with a total of 6 lives.

In the space directly below the 5 hats is the inventory window. Each time you collect a special tool (ie: a sword, torch, or a key), that tool is displayed in the inventory window until you’ve used it. You can only carry 5 items at a time.

In the space over the 5 hats is your current score.


Permanently lights up any room that’s pitch black. Remains in inventory until you complete the current level.
Kills any one enemy (skull or spider) you run into.
Disables all enemies for several seconds, letting you to go by them.
Opens a door of the same color as the key.
Gives you 1000 points. You can't pick these up if your inventory is full.


They come in two varieties, rolling skulls and bouncing skulls. The only difference between the two is that you must jump over rolling skulls and walk under bouncing skulls.
They don’t move but they are occasionally in awkward places, making them a pain in the ass. You can’t kill them with the sword.
They move around so you have to either jump over one or kill it with the sword.


Laser Gates
Shoot a continuous beam of energy until it shuts off momentarily. Obviously, only continue forward when it shuts off or you’ll lose a life.
Conveyor Belts
Makes you move in the direction it’s going unless you walk in the opposite direction.
Disappearing Floors
These often appear in rooms with fire pits or falls that can kill you. In these rooms, the floor will disappear and reappear a few seconds later. Wait for it to reappear and then make a break for the other side, or the ladder.
Must be unlocked with a key of the same color.


Level 1[edit]

-- Allows you to collect every item in this level.

You start the game at the top of a ladder. Go down that ladder and walk right immediately to avoid falling off the conveyor belt, jump to the yellow rope and again to the platform on the right. Go down the ladder here and wait for the skull to approach you and then jump over it. Don’t jump when it’s rolling away from you or too soon or too late. It will only roll around the center of the floor so there’s not much leeway but with a little luck you’ll clear it. Now, go up the ladder at the other end, grab the key and backtrack to where you started the game. Walk through the door on the left.

The next room will introduce laser gates. Avoid running right away or you might run right into the first laser gate. Instead, inch toward to the first one and wait for it to shut off and then run past it. Don’t try to run past the next set of laser gates because you won’t make it. Just be patient and make your way to the gem at the far left and then down the ladder.

Stay on the ladder when you enter the next room until the spider passes by. If you go all the way down you’ll run right into the spider. Once it passed the ladder you can either wait for it to go to the right or jump over it on your way to the left.

The next room has bouncing skulls. Run under them while they’re in the air and go down the ladder.

The next room has two snakes. They don’t move but they are in close proximity to one another. Approach the first snake and carefully jump over it and then second snake.

This is usually the first place where people tend to die if they were careful in the other rooms. Walk forward a bit and then jump to the yellow rope hanging below the platform where the key is. Climb up the rope, grab the key, and then climb back down the rope and drop onto the floor. Walk to the right and wait for the ledges to appear on the wall. Now jump upwards as fast as you can onto the solid ledge two spaces upwards. This next part is tougher. You have to jump upwards as soon as the ledges reappear to make it to the top without dying. Exit the room.

Backtrack to the room with the spider and continue down the ladder.

This room introduces disappearing floors. Stay on the ladder but close to the bottom of it until the floor reappears and then quickly run to the gem on the left. Wait for the floor to reappear again and then run to the opposite side of the room. If you need to, climb on the ladder again until the floor reappears and then run to the right.

More snakes. Jump over the first one and climb the ladder.

Walk through the door on your right and jump onto the purple rope, climb up a bit and wait for the skull to roll to the left. Jump off and then jump over the skull when it comes back to the right, and make a final jump to the white rope off the left side of the platform. Climb up and then jump and grab the torch hanging above the conveyor belt. Backtrack to the previous room.

Go down the ladder and jump over the snake to the right of the ladder and continue on.

There are four straight laser gates here. Head through them carefully and go into the next room.

There’s another spider in this room. Avoid it and climb the ladder.

Laser gates. Why did it have to be laser gates? Ugh. Anyway. Grab the key from between the two laser gates on the right and then through the two laser gates on the left into the next room.

Grab the sword on the left and exit the room into the previous room.

Go through the two laser gates and head down the ladder into the previous room.

Now, here, go right instead of going down the ladder or back to the left. Avoid the spider as necessary.

Walk close to the edge, jump onto the yellow rope below, and jump across to the blue rope to grab the key. Now, jump back onto the yellow rope and fall to the floor and go down the ladder there.

In the next room, wait on the ladder until the disappearing floor reappears and then walk into the room on the right.

Grab the gems and then go into the previous room.

You’ll have to wait on the ladder for the floor to reappear and then walk left and jump over the snake to get to the room on the left. It’s risky to run straight across and then jump over the snake.

There’s a spider here. Just avoid it and climb up the ladder.

Backtrack to the room with the two snakes and the ladder between them. Go down the ladder.

If you have the torch, and hopefully you do, this and all the other rooms here will be lit and you’ll have an easier time. Don’t grab the Amulet (the hammer looking item) on the left, instead go into the room on the right.

There are two gems here, one right over the disappearing floor and the other on the far right. When the floor reappears, run across to the first one and grab it and then run to the other side. Grab the other one on the far right and then head into the previous room.

Grab the Amulet and enter the room on the left. The Amulet grants you temporary invincibility and you’ll need it ahead.

Wait on the side until the floor reappears and then run like hell to the other side. You should be able to avoid the skull rolling around thanks to the Amulet or just jump over it and enter the next room.

Open the two doors and enter the next room.

Run across the room and enter the treasure room.

Grab as many gems as you can before you go to level 2.

Level 2[edit]

- To be completed.