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This page explains how to play the game. It covers many aspects you'll need to know and should be read before starting your adventure for the first time.

Explore the World[edit]

Using the "Bread"
The "Bread" item is rather unique. At first glance, it is just another item which you eat to regain energy. However, when you use the Bread, you'll drop crumbs behind you so you can retrace your steps! This is very hand, especially in the beginning of the game where you'll be backtracking numerous times. You can also use it in the event you get lost, but it's doubtful that you would.

Mother is an RPG, so expect exploring to be a big aspect of the game. The game takes place on a large map called the field (or overworld) where all the towns and landmarks are located. The landscape is also littered enemies, as well as caves and dungeons where enemies reside. Unlike EarthBound, Mother's encounters are random, so you'll have to wait and see which enemies you face!

Collect the Melodies[edit]

The whole point of playing Mother is to collect the 8 melodies, located all over the world. Melodies are usually found in the field using the Check option (but there are some exceptions). When you find all the melodies, you'll be able to face the final boss. They're pretty much the whole game.


As you move from town to town, it should be important to note that each town has shops and hotels. They provide you with services that can help you on your adventure. However, like all good things in life, these things cost money. Unless you have a decent supply of cash, don't go overboard on the purchases.

ATMs and Phones

In order to get the money you earn from your battles, you have to withdraw them from the ATM. To save your game and find out how much experience points you need to get to the next level, you need to pick up a phone and call dad.

  • ATM Machines: use the Cash Card to withdraw or deposit money.
  • Black Phone: Black phones are free and allow you to call up dad to save, find out how much money you made, or find out how much experience you need to get to the next level.
  • Pay Phones: Pay Phones cost $1 and functions the same way as a black phone.
  • Department Stores — Not every town has one, but the ones that do have multiple floors that sell different items. You can also sell your items to the clerk on the first floor.
  • Drugstores — Drugstores are found in towns with no department stores. They can also be found in department stores. They sell a small number of items, usually medicine.
  • Burger Joints — Burger Joints sell burgers and fries; fast food essentially. They're not that expensive and can serve you well for the first half of the game.
  • Hotels — Hotels are places where you can purchase rooms to sleep in. Every town has them, and when you purchase a room, your HP and PP is full recovered. Hotels are pretty costly, so only use them when you need them.
  • Inns — Inns are the same as hotels but they don't cost you anything.
  • Hospitals — Hospitals are where you go to pick up KO'd allies or visit the doctor to heal status ailments. The doctor can't heal everything, though!
  • Healer — Healers can recover allies that have been petrified and your PP for some money. Have some cash on hand in the event you need to see him, because healers are found far away from towns.