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Ninten's weapons
Name Attack Price Location
Plastic Bat +3 80 Ninten's Basement, Podunk, Sweet's Factory, Twinkle Elementary
Wooden Bat +12 500 Podunk, Merrysville
Aluminum Bat +30 1000 Merrysville, Reindeer
Hank's Bat +48 found Mt. Itoi cave
Lloyd's weapons
Name Attack Price Location
Stun Gun +15 300 Merrysville
Air Gun +42 1400 Youngtown
Anna's weapons
Name Attack Price Location
Frying Pan +8 300 Snowman
Nonstick Pan +16 700 Youngtown
Iron Skillet +35 found Mt. Itoi cave
Teddy's weapons
Name Attack Price Location
Butter Knife +15 580 Sweet's Factory
Survival Knife +38 1200 Ellay
Sword +46 found Magicant Cave
Katana +58 found Mt. Itoi Cave
Common weapons
Name Attack Price Location
Slingshot +7 120 Podunk, Twinkle Elementary
Boomerang +32 1100 Magicant Castle, Merrysville, Reindeer


Name Defense Price Location
Peace Coin +5 260 Magicant
Protect Coin +11 648 Magicant
Magic Coin +20 1200 Magicant
Name Defense Price Location
Brass Ring +8 460 Magicant
Silver Ring +14 825 Magicant
Gold Ring +28 1510 Magicant
Name Protects against Price Location
H2O Pendant Fire damage 700 Magicant
Fire Pendant Ice damage 700 Magicant
Earth Pendant Thunder damage 700 Magicant
Sea Pendant All of the above found Mt. Itoi

Food & Medicine[edit]

Name Purpose Price Location
Berry Tofu Heals @ 10HP, trade for items 975 Magicant Castle, Reindeer
Bread Heals @ 20HP, Use crumbs to escape dungeons 30 Every town except Magicant
French Fries Heals @ 20HP 15 Podunk, Merrysville, Reindeer, Ellay
Hamburger Heals @ 50HP 25 Podunk, Merrysville, Reindeer, Ellay
Orange Juice Heals @ 10HP 5 Every town
Sports Drink Heals @ 100HP 75 Every town
Name Purpose Price Location
Antidote Cures poison 20 Every town
Asthma Spray Cures asthma (Ninten) 148 Every town
LifeUp Cream Restores all HP 194 Every town except Magicant
Magic Herb Heals @ 30HP 30 Dungeons and Magicant
Mouthwash Cures a cold 175 (10) Snowman, (Mouthwash Man)
Noble Seed Cures confusion found enemy drop
PSI Stone Restores @ 20PP (multiple uses) found Dungeons and Magicant

Combat items[edit]

Offense items
Name Purpose Price Location
Bullhorn If successful when used, FIGHT decreases. Else, OFFENSE increases (infinite use) found Magicant Castle
Flashdark Causes blindness (infinite use) found Magicant Castle
Flea Bag Lowers target's OFFENSE and DEFENSE (one use) found Reindeer, enemy drop
Insecticide Kills insect enemies (1/8 chance of breaking) 300 Podunk, Merrysville
Rope Paralyzes a target (one use) 600 Every town
Super Spray Kills insect enemies (infinite use) found Duncan's Factory
Defense items
Name Purpose Price Location
Franklin Badge Deflects PK Beam γ found Pippi's home, Duncan's Factory
Lloyd items
Name Purpose Price Location
Bomb Does @ 30HP fire damage to all enemies (one use) 280 Reindeer, Duncan's Factory, Mt. Itoi cave
Bottle Rocket Does @ 20HP fire damage to all enemies (one use) found Sweet Factory, Duncan's Factory
Flame Thrower Does @ 100HP fire damage to all enemies (1/8 chance of breaking) found enemy drop
Laser Beam Does @ 40HP damage to one enemy (1/8 chance of breaking) 760 Reindeer, enemy drop
Plasma Beam Does @ 80HP damage to one enemy (1/8 chance of breaking) 1300 Reindeer
Sticky Machine Paralyzes a target (infinite use) 3200 Twinkle Elementary
Super Bomb Kills all enemies (one use) 1800 Twinkle Elementary
Useless items
Name Purpose Price Location
Last Weapon Informs player how to turn off NES 1048 Twinkle Elementary
Real Rocket Immediately launches into orbit as soon as purchased 3485 Twinkle Elementary
Ruler Measures things (no purpose) 22 Merrysville, Magicant Castle
Swear Words Says the words "I hate you" (no purpose) found Observatory Island
Words of Love Says the words "I love you" (no purpose) found Observatory Island

Inventory items[edit]

Key items
Name Purpose Price Location
Basement Key Unlocks the basement door in Ninten's house found Outside Ninten's house
Canary Chick A small canary check taken from its mother 100 (free) Podunk Department store
Cash Card Use to access your bank account at ATMs Starting inventory
GGF's Diary Ninten's great grandfather's diary with key passages found Ninten's basement
Ghost Key A key to the mansion in Spookane found Spookane
Hat A girl's embroidered hat with her name in it found Reindeer train station
Ocarina An instrument with no obvious purpose found Magicant
Onyx Hook Use it to be instantly transported back to Magicant found Magicant cave
Pass A pass dropped by a Duncan Factory employee found North of Merrysville
Phone Card Allows you to use pay phones for free found Merrysville
Zoo Key Use it to unlock the gates to the zoo found Podunk mayor's office
Other items
Name Purpose Price Location
Repel Ring Wards off weak enemies for a while 160 Magicant, Merrysville
Big Bag Exchange your cash card for this bad filled with 30 Magic Herbs found Magicant
Crumbs Use Bread to make crumbs, and use Crumbs to get back to a starting point made Use Bread
Dentures A man who knows how to cure colds is hard to understand without these found North of Reindeer
Ticket Used to enter the Love House in Ellay 350 (1200) Ellay Department store (Scalper)
Ticket Stub Save up tickets from airplane rides to ride in a tank found Yucca Desert