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Naming confusion[edit]

These are the names most commonly given as the names of the four main characters and the final boss, respectively:

  • Ninten
  • Ana
  • Loid
  • Teddy
  • Giegue

Instead we prefer the following names:

  • Ninten
  • Anna
  • Lloyd
  • Teddy
  • Giygas

The form "Ana" for a child born to English-speaking parents is rare, and the form "Loid" is even less common in English. We made these changes because the names would almost certainly have been localized this way. The Giegue/Giygas change is to make it clear that the alien menace in Mother and its sequel are the same. In Japanese, his name is Giigu, which might be rendered "Geeg". The EarthBound Zero prototype cartridge transliterates this as "Giegue" (pronounced "Gee-goo"). When the sequel, EarthBound, was being prepared for its North American audience, he was tentatively named "The Geek", then when the game was released, the name was finalized as the more alien-sounding "Giygas" (pronounced GEE-gas).

Giygas is the only direct connection between the plots of Mother and EarthBound, so we feel it's important to cement this link. If you're playing the EarthBound Zero prototype, everywhere we write "Giygas", think "Giegue".

From the Japanese version to the English prototype, these names had been changed...


It's uncertain whether the names were changed from holiday names as a matter of NOA policy, or to make the names more plausible.

Japanese English
Mother's Day Podunk
Thanksgiving Merrysville
Santa Claus Station Union Station
Halloween Spookane
Easter Youngtown
Valentine Ellay

"Spookane" is a play on Spokane, Washington (pronounced SPOH-kan). "Ellay" is a phonetic rendering of "L.A." (that is, Los Angeles, California).


Japanese English
Gyiyg (ギーグ Giigu) Giegue[1]
  1. Later rendered "Giygas" in EarthBound; this guide uses "Giygas" to emphasize for story purposes that Giegue and Giygas are one and the same (it is to this day a common misconception among English-speaking fans of EarthBound that they are different characters, but it is clear to the Japanese that they are the same). The romanization "Gyiyg" does not occur in the game itself, but does occur in Mother 2 and is probably used in promotional materials.


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