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Ninten's Home[edit]

You are a young boy named Ninten. Today you’re just lounging out in your room when suddenly, your own lamp comes alive and attacks you. Show it who’s boss by hitting it consecutively, and it’ll stop moving.

Now that the easy fight’s over, don’t think it’s time to relax just yet. The entire house is shaking from the poltergeist infection. Now, walk into one of your sister’s rooms, it doesn’t matter which really, although you can bypass Minnie’s posessed lamp and go straight for what you really need: Mimmie’s baby doll. Just hit it with precise timing; it has only 12 HP and can be defeated quickly.

After defeating the doll, use the CHECK command on it, it is now set on a shelf. It will play a strange melody. Ninten remembers the song. Either sister after being saved, offers some kind of juice, which might be helpful early on. Afterwards, go downstairs, the poltergeist hasn’t been defeated yet. Mom is guarding the door, but is interrupted by the phone. Now who could that be?

It just so happens to be Ninten’s dad. He informs you that the house has been infected with a poltergeist, and mentions a rather odd topic--PSI. The same stuff Ninten’s Great-Grandfather studied. He advises you to go down into the basement and get Great-Grandfather’s diary, but he seems to have misplaced the key.

Take a step out of the house. If you talk to your dog, he tells you to CHECK him out. Do exactly so and you’ll notice there’s a key on his collar! Take it and go back inside the house, then use it on the door. Inside the basement is Great-Grandfather’s Diary (GGF’s Diary), some Bread and a Plastic Bat. Go into your Goods menu to equip the Bat, and save the Bread for later.

Before you leave, fight the Rats in this basement until you reach Level 4. Your mom is right outside the door, so if your HP runs low, you can go back to her, eat, and save with the phone, so it’s not a dangerous place to practice. The fights in Mother’s Day will seem quite tough at first too, so this is highly recommended.

Take a step out of the basement. Your sister Minnie can store items when your inventory gets full. However, she can only be found here throughout the duration of the game, making it a pain to come here to store/withdraw items, until you learn how to Teleport. Nevertheless, she serves as an important character.

Podunk (Mother's Day)[edit]

Taking a step outside, follow the path from your house and across a small bridge. If you speak with the lady standing in front of the home, she’ll tell you her daughter Pippi has gone missing. Head south and you’ll reach the quaint little town of Podunk. Something to note from here on (as said by a little white mouse): if the building does not have a sign over it or its door is rectangular, it can not be entered. Take a stop by the Town Hall (on the same street as the Department Store, which has the words “Dept” over the door) for a little chat with the mayor.

He’ll inform you that Pippi seems to have disappeared off to the nearby cemetery. However, if you go out and chat with the locals, they’ll mention an invasion of zombies. Before you attempt going to the game’s first major challenge, you should fight with the enemies around town to level up and gain experience. If you want to get there sooner, try reaching Level 6, but Level 7 is even better.

You also might want to buy at least the Wooden Bat from the Department Store; it costs a whopping $500, but raises Ninten’s offense by a good deal. Remember, you get money stored into your bank account from fighting, and you can go into a Department Store to withdraw that money with your Cash Card.

Canary Village[edit]

Before trying to solve the zombie infestation, there’s something else you need to get done. Podunk's Department Store is quite large. On the top floor, the guy behind the counter is offering a rare Canary Chick, but for a large price--$85. Refuse his offer and he’ll just give it to you for free.

Go back to the path leading out of Podunk and to Ninten’s house. Keep going up until you get to the "Welcome" sign. At the "Welcome" sign, go left past the trees to reach a new town, Canary Village. Be on the lookout for Crows; sometimes they will steal your items, although they won't steal the chick. As you have noticed, the residents of this town are all large birds. However, there is one human with whom you must speak with who is located on the far left of the village. He’ll tell you of Laura, a singing canary who has lost her child. He’ll notice your Canary Chick and promptly advise you to take it to its mother.

Go up a little from where he is, and slip behind the white statue. Press uponce you are behind it and you will pop up through the fence there. Show Laura the baby bird and she’ll sing to you the second part of the strange melody.


Now, it’s time to get back to Podunk and solve the problem of Pippi’s absence. Go south and down the path. While it might be fun if you’re bored, you should be careful who you talk to as the path progresses; some people reveal themselves to be zombies in disguise, and force you into battle!

Slip into the cemetery. Notice the eerie change of background music just now. You’ll have to go east a little bit then move counter-clockwise around the trees. Be careful of the zombies, especially the Gang Zombies; it helps to have some PP left so you can use PK Lifeup. Once you make it there, you’ll see some pillars, and a small tunnel. Go inside.

You’ll find yourself in a dark room, with nothing but a large staircase... and four coffins. Three of them contain zombies if you lift off their covers, but one of them may contain the lost girl, Pippi! She hands you the Franklin Badge, a key item which can dodge the lightning attacks of PK Beam r. Always keep this with Ninten, just in case. Now take her outside of the cemetery.

Because Pippi has joined your party, you can use her to help you level up and make battling a breeze. Her stats seem to raise fairly quickly, but you might not want to become too attached to her--you DO still have to return the girl back to her mother, eventually.

Go back to the Town Hall and have a chat with the mayor. He’ll thank you for your deeds, and ask you to do one more favor--solve the problems at the local Zoo. Speak with the lady behind he counter afterward for the Zoo Key.

The Haunted Zoo[edit]

Go north from Podunk and up the path. You’ll meet a monkey standing in front of the zoo gate, but if you have the Zoo Key you can enter. A fair warning: the enemies in here are all wild animals breaking loose, so naturally there will be some tough ones. If you’ve neglected battles lately, you might want to hang outside the zoo and fight until you think you’re ready.

Head north, alongside all the trees, then down and through the passage. Keep using this pattern of up, right and down and you’ll make it to the Zoo Superintendent’s Office. You’ll find this office is riddled with Rats, but they should cause you little trouble now. Keep going up the stairs, and finally at the top floor, you’ll notice an odd capsule. Inside it is a Starman Jr.!

Boss Battle: Starman Jr.[edit]

Small in stature but mighty in action!

While he may be small, do not underestimate him. He knows different kinds of PK Beam, but if he shoots PK Beam r, it will reflect off your Franklin Badge and hit him instead. The battle’s difficulty will vary more-so based on luck.

It seems as though things have calmed down now; animals aren’t running rampant through the zoo and attacking you. On your way back, you may see a cage of monkeys. As the sign reads, the pen contains a Singing Monkey. By CHECKING it, the third part of the Melody plays.