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Handle A
Neutral dpad: With Handle A, the car will steer toward whichever direction you press the direction pad. So if you're driving to the right, and the track starts heading down to the bottom of your screen, you must press down to turn the car in that direction. This is the default selection.
Handle B
Left dpad / Right dpad: With Handle B, you steer the car more like a traditional steering wheel. Hold right to turn the car clockwise, or hold left to turn the car counter-clockwise. For example, if you are moving downward, and you need to start driving to the left, you need to hold the direction pad to the right.
  • I button: If you purchased any special items before a race which aren't activated automatically, and you still have some uses left, press the I button to activate them.
  • II button: Press and hold the II button to step on the gas. Release the II button to activate the brakes.
  • Run button: Press the Start button to begin a new game, or to pause the action mid game.
  • Select button + Run button: Press Run and Select together to reset the game and return to the title screen.

Starting a new game[edit]

To begin a new game, first press Run button at the title screen. If you are playing the American version, you will be brought to the course selection screen. If you are playing the Japanese version, it is assumed that you are playing the default race (known as Normal in the American version) and you must enter a special key combination to access the six alternate races (see the Walkthrough page for more information). Each race presents a different set of eight courses. Press up or down to choose which race you want, and press Run button or I button to continue.

At this time, up to five players may opt-in to play. Each player must press their I button button before the timer in the upper right corner reaches 0. Once it does, all players who opted to play will have a chance to enter up to five letters to identify themselves. All remaining players will be computer controlled.

Once the players are established, the next screen is the course preview screen. A kind of helicopter will fly over the race track, giving you a chance to identify the twists and turns before you actually race on it. At this time, you may press the I button button to slow the copter down and bring it closer to the ground, or the II button button to speed it up and send it higher into the sky. At any time, you may press the Run button button to skip the preview entirely and head straight to the parts selection screen.

The last step before the race begins is your chance to purchase and outfit your vehicle with upgrades. This is an extremely important step, and it is thoroughly explained in the Upgrades section of the guide. When you are finished and ready to race, select "END" at the bottom of the menu.