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Mu Online is controlled generally using the mouse, although some keyboard functions are available.

Key Function
PC Mouse Left Click.png (on empty ground) Move to that location
PC Mouse Left Click.png (on NPC) Speak to NPC
PC Mouse Left Click.png (on monster) Start attacking monster using weapon/fists
PC Mouse Left Click.png (on item) Move to the item and attempt to take it
PC Mouse Right Click.png (on monster) Attack the monster using skill/magic from the magic list (some spells and skills may work when mouse is over the ground)
PC Mouse Right Click.png (on another player; After selecting an option from the command menu) Apply command on that person (Person's name must appear in white)
PC Mouse Right Click.png (on another player's name) Open chat window with the nickname clicked in the whisper box
Q Drink Health Potion/Eat Apple (regain health, potions/apples required)
W Drink Mana Potion (regain mana, Mana Potions required)
E Drink Antidote (heal poison, Antidotes required)
T Open quest information window
I/V Open inventory
P Open List of Private Stores
D Open command menu
F Open Friends window
G Open Guild information window
C Open Character information window
M Open warp/move window
A Open Master tree window
Ctrl + A Open Skill Enchancement tree window
Z Open Official Mu Helper window
X Open xShop window
Enter Open chat box
Enter (while chat box opened) Close chat box/send message or command
Tab (while chat box opened) Switch between chat box and whisper box
 ↑  and  ↓  (while whisper box is active) Swtich between whisper nicknames written (up to 5)
Alt Show item names
Alt+PC Mouse Left Click.png Take items from ground/Talk to NPC (bypass monsters and other players)
Alt+(0-9) Use macro (define macro by "/(0-9) MACRO" in chat window
Ctrl+(0-9) (while mouse over skill in skill list) Set a number to skill
0-9 Switch to skill defined by Ctrl+(0-9)
Ctrl+PC Mouse Left Click.png Attack other players
Ctrl+PC Mouse Right Click.png Attack other players with the active skill/magic in the skill list.
Esc Open main menu