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Golden Troop Invasion[edit]

Some special types of monsters don't have precise spawning points and appear occasionally within the game. These monsters are golden in appearance and are much stronger than the regular non-golden types. Rare treasures will be dropped when they are defeated. Two common golden monsters are Golden Budge Dragons and Golden Goblins. The former drop Boxes of Luck and the latter drop Boxes of Kundun +1. Both of these monsters can only show up in Lorencia, Noria or Devias. There is also a Golden Titan that spawns in Devias, Golden Drakan that spawns in Lorencia, Noria or Devias, Golden Lizard King that spawns in Atlans and a Golden Tantallos that spawns in Tarkan. They drop Boxes of Kundun +2, +3, +4 and +5 respectively. Also appears other Golden monsters like the Golden Soldier Troop, but these monsters don't drop Boxes of Kundun, only items or zen.

White Wizard Invasion[edit]

These are events where a giant wizard and an army of orcs appear at random locations in Devias, Noria and Lorencia. Killing the White Wizard earns you a Jewel of Bless and having your name displayed on the screen. Orcs may drop either 100,000 zen or the Ring of Wizard, which increases attack speed and damage.

MU Master Events[edit]

Game Masters, known in Global MU Online as "MU Masters" or [MM]'s will occasionally appear in a server with a server-specific event. These events typically are a "Catch the [MM]", "Find the [MM]" or a "Scavenger Hunt". All of this events are won in a similar fashion, by opening trade with the [MM]. All three of these event variants have the same reward of one Jewel of Bless and one Jewel of Soul. In addition, the winner gets his/her name posted on the screen for all players to see.

In the Catch the [MM] event, one of the [MM]'s will post a clue as to which map he or she will be. The [MM] will be riding his pet, usually a Fenrir, in an area of the map in question. The first player that can catch up to the [MM] and open a trade wins the two jewels.

The Find the [MM] event is similar, but the [MM] will hide anywhere in the map that he or she specifies. This includes inside one of the three towns, which is considered the fairest of all the [MM] events. This is so because all players move at the same speed inside the towns. The winner is the first to find and open trade with the [MM].

The Scavenger Hunt begins with an [MM] listing three items he or she asks for. The [MM] reveals where he or she will be waiting for the first player to come to them. The first player to show the [MM] all three items in a trade window wins the event.

One common complaint about these events is that they are infrequent and when they do happen, they happen in bunches. Another is that most take place at odd hours, which depends on the region the player lives (this complaint is mostly heard from players in the Americas). In addition, some players have been known to complain about instances of bias and favoritism on the [MM]'s part, though these complaints are based mostly on circumstantial evidence. The most common complaint is that there seems to be too few [MM]'s.